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 Turan; Plots and Logs

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Turan; Plots and Logs Empty
PostSubject: Turan; Plots and Logs   Turan; Plots and Logs Empty1/2/2016, 8:01 pm



Turan is someone who can be very compassionate and affectionate towards others once in a friendship with her. Though Turan may seem confidant she is yet very shy once greeted, most of the time speaking only a little bit until she has came to know that one specific person a little bit.


Romance would be something new to Turan, coming from her lack of experience in relationships. She is someone who can be very timid, and overbearing in some aspects, making her someone who can take a while to get used to. Yet her caring and compassionate personality is a plus in all relationships.


Becoming Turan's enemy is something very hard to do. Most things that can cause you to become her enemy is holding her back, or doing something that is labeled to be something very distasteful to her. Once enemies, expect the cold shoulder from Turan once she sees whoever her enemy is.

Plots Wanted

• Turan may find romance in anyone, no matter what gender they may be; as long as that wolf is someone who can accept her and get used to her changing moods.
• Any other plots are fine with me! If you have any other interest in any kind of plot, just private message me about it.
• If you want any relationships with Turan or any past stuff with Turan, just send me a PM and I'll add it on here and into my bio.

turan a. albrecht

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Turan; Plots and Logs
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