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Name: Lear Vesah Linford.
Nicknames/Alias: Lear.
Face Claim: N/A.
Age: Three years old.
Gender: Male.
Sexuality: Heterosexual.
Date of Birth: 9th of August.
Current Location: Unknown.
Species: Grey-wolf.
Rank: Rogue.


Personality Type: The Guardian (ESTJ-T.)
Archetype: The Hero.
Alignment: Lawful Good.

Virtues (Good):
■ Trustworthy.
■ Courteous.
■ Loyal.
■ Caring.
■ Moral.

Flaws (Bad):
■ Narrow-minded.
■ Hot-tempered.
■ Bigoted/Biased.
■ Pessimistic.
■ Prideful.

Neutral (Good or bad):
■ Stubborn.
■ Lionhearted.
■ Protective.
■ Honest.
■ Emotional.

Likes & Dislikes:
■ Protecting and looking after those he cares about.
■ Being able to help others, or make them happy.
■ Good-natured and polite individuals.
■ Order, routine, organization.
■ Secret passion for gazing at the night-sky and observing the stars.

■ Dishonesty.
■ Sarcasm, or rude remarks.
■ Unkind or rude behaviour.
■ Being told he's wrong, or being disagreed with.
■ Being unable to control his emotions and his temper.


Fears: Can include phobias that will be relevant but also fears related to the plot. For example there’s a zombie outbreak, their greatest fear could just simply be turning into a zombie. Or if these zombies are soul-losing, flesh eating zombies, the character’s greatest fear could be hurting (a.k.a. eating) a family member.


Parents: Including whoever was the acting guardian. Details on how the relationship was. Was it more like mentor and student or best friends, how close are they now.
Siblings: Those bound by blood or by factions or cults. Again details on how the relationships worked. Favourite sibling, sibling rivalry, twins?
Children: If applicable, make the ages realistic.

Spouse: If applicable.
Current Partner: If applicable. How stable is the relationship, is marriage something both people are thinking about?
Ex-Partners: If applicable. Maybe small details on why/how the relationship/s ended.

Boss/Employer: If applicable.
Co-Workers: If applicable.

Friends: If applicable. How did they become friends, how do they interact with each other, does your character behave differently in front of their friends and the outside world? What do the friends think about your character, are they truly friends or is there an ulterior motive?
Enemies: If applicable. A good one to include for creating future drama though have a realistic reason. She has better hair than me is not really enough to imply they are enemies (I guess unless it’s a high school RP?).

Physical Description

Build: Includes height, weight and general build.
Hair Colour: Remember to find a face claim who has gifs with the same hair colour.
Eye Colour: Gif-wise I don’t care about eye colour because you can barely see it, personal preference.
Distinguishing Marks: If I have a face claim in mind, I tend to skip over this section apart from distinguishing marks and tattoos. Making a note of physical features can make description paras easier. If you have a shape-shifting/glamour species, what do they look like in their ‘other’ form?


Where was your character just before and at the start of the roleplay? Firstly, a physical location is important. So for a town RP, is your character a resident, a tourist or a new citizen who moved in just before the start of the RP. If we use the zombie outbreak example again, was your character at home, were they on vacation and got stranded, are they able to contact their family, etc. Next is where their head is at. Did any events happen just prior to the start of the story, any deaths or life changing events? Who is the most important person in their life prior to the RP starting, will it change during the story?

What is the storyline unique to the character? The plot/setting on the main RP is a group plot, each character needs their own subplot. Their own goals, their own motivational reasons and a conflict which stops them reaching that goal (can be tied to the main plot). Is their conflict internal or external, does your character even know how to reach their goal, if so, what is their next step?

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