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PostSubject: ɗɑtuʀɑ รiʆʆɑgɛ   ɗɑtuʀɑ รiʆʆɑgɛ Empty7/18/2016, 3:18 pm

ɗɑtuʀɑ รiʆʆɑgɛ Image10
Credit: http://yuki-forever.blog.cz/1205/wolves-02

Name: Datura (Duh-choor-uh) Sillage (See-yahj)

Gender: Female

Age: 3 years old, born on July 17th, 2013

Origin: Near Wildspitze in the Ötztal Alps, Austria.

Current Rank: Drifter

Desired Rank: Patron

Personality: Datura is an odd one. Raised an assassin, she has little emotion and little empathy. She is cold, quiet, and viewed as a disturbed wolf. However, despite how she seems, she is actually an extrovert and likes to be around others, even if she doesn't contribute much to the conversation. She is very intelligent, countering her lack of brute strength with amazing agility and speed, as well as knowledge as to where it hurts the most to get bit, and several ways in which to kill the fastest. However, her loyalty is unmatched, and her willingness to give her life for her pack is remarkable. She does not make friends easy, but she is good at drawing others in due to her mystery and uniqueness.


Appearance: She is mostly white with cream/tan/gray hairs scattered and patched here and there. Her eyes are a piercing golden yellow that may look bright amber in the light. She has a long but sleek coat and an agile build; evenly muscled, making her appear weaker and skinnier than she actually is. She is beautiful, but definitely a dangerous woman.

History: Datura was not born in a normal pack; really, they weren't thought of as a pack at all. Her family was a clan of assassins, assigned to protect the territories of the packs they encircled. The enclosed wolf packs were set in a cold, snowy land that was often invaded by either sneaky loners or rival packs. The packs were allies, but they did not have the skill or the correct amount of members to protect each other. That is, until, Datura's grandfather - Hallamar Sillage, a hungry loner, passed by a wolf pack, seeking food instead of violence. Cautious, the wolf pack offered him food and shelter until he was strong enough to get back on his feet. Thankful, Hallamar told the wolf pack that he wanted to repay them. Hoping for the best, the wolf pack informed him of their dilemma. Hallamar was raised a warrior, but had different techniques than the warriors in the other wolf packs. Both Hallamar and the pack were interested in the other, and Hallamar agreed to train the wolves of the allied packs not how to fight but how to kill. The wolf packs each chose of a few of their wolves and assigned them to stay with Hallamar, and eventually form a border around the packs. Hallamar trained a female, Azalea, who became his mate. They bore many pups, whom they raised to be assassins, as they were taught not to fight but to kill. Eventually, the first members began to die of age, and Hallamar needed an heir to take his place. He chose his eldest son, Larkspur, (it became tradition to name pups after poisonous plants) to lead them. Larkspur chose a female warrior, Amzi, from one of the wolf packs to be his mate. They, too, had many pups, and raised them to be assassins. Now, the clan of assassins had more than enough to border the packs. Datura was of their second to last litter, and she was the youngest female. However, as she was raised, she showed remarkably natural skill and became one of the best of the clan. However, she was also amongst the strangest. She had a unique personality, and a desire to be one of the members of the wolf packs that they protected. Confused, Larkspur tried to convince his daughter that part of being a member of a pack is to follow orders and carry out her assignment, which was to protect the wolf packs, not join them. Angry, Datura withdrew herself from her father, and rebelled in the most passive ways she could think of. As she grew, she became more and more independent, and soon, Larkspur had no choice but to honor her and allow her to choose whatever she wanted. At the age of 2 and a half, she left to join one of the wolf packs. However, they were afraid of her and would not accept her, because they knew how skilled she was and how many wolves she had killed. She had a lot of blood on her paws; as did the rest of her family. They would sometimes allow a stranger to explain his trespassing before they'd kill him, but most of the time, they did not waste any of their time. They were masters of disguise, stealth, and skill. They were not normal. She was not normal. And so, the wolf packs rejected her, advising her to stay with her clan. Upset and feeling like an outcast, she left the territories completely, in search of a pack that would accept her. She didn't want the reputation of a killer; she just wants to be a wolf. Because her clan was odd, rumors spread fast about them, and they called them "The Sillage Border" and because Datura introduces herself with her last name included, some wolves may know where she's from, as they may have heard of the rumor.

Strengths: Killing, fighting, stealth, blending in. She is a master of disguise and is able to hide her scent, her sound, and her visual appearance. She is extremely light on her feet and is very quick and agile, able to gain the advantage in a fight before the other wolf can react. She is really good at making logical decisions, so long as they are important decisions.

Weaknesses: Hunting. Though she may be a good killer and though she may have great speed, stamina, and strength, she lacks experience in hunting and is used to scavenging or hunting mice and rabbits. Sense of smell. She is used to only being able to smell a few things, as where she comes from lacks in plants, trees, grass, bugs, etc. and the sudden environment change causes her to smell a tree stronger than she smells a wolf, etc. Talking. Though she is an extrovert, she is not used to having conversations, as her family didn't speak much with each other. She also makes a poor listener and does not have much empathy, as she was raised to kill with no emotions attached to the victim.

Likes: Being around others, sunbathing, the sounds of birds, the smell of rain, sunlight peaking through clouds or trees, working, running, tactics.

Dislikes: A lot of different smells, emotions, touchy-feely, arguments, complicated relationships, riddles, puns, opinionated individuals, loud-mouths, making decisions about things that don't really matter.

Sexual orientation: Demisexual

Pronouns: She/her

Breed: Half Hudson Bay, half Gray Wolf.

Language: A less modern form of English. Basically English with old English or foreign words here and there. Others may not always understand her; she may not always understand others.

Voice: Austrian accent, but understandable. Birgit Minichmayr

The Sillage Border rumor-
If a wolf bearing the last name Sillage approaches you,
Turn away!
Killers, killers they are!
A vicious clan of assassins, an unstoppable boundary,
They will kill your wolves and make you watch,
And then you yourself will be killed.
If a Sillage wants to join you and your pack,
Turn them away!
They will trap you and slaughter you.
They are not warriors,
They are not guardians,
They are blood thirsty assassins,
And they will slay you.
They are the Sillage Border.

Rumor about Datura specifically-

Some say she's killed a hundred.
Some say she's killed more.
Some say she herself was slaughtered.
But this much is true;
A female of the Sillage Border has broken away,
And some say she's out chasing blood.

ɗɑtuʀɑ รiʆʆɑgɛ Image11
Credit: http://yuki-forever.blog.cz/1205/wolves-02[/size]

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PostSubject: Re: ɗɑtuʀɑ รiʆʆɑgɛ   ɗɑtuʀɑ รiʆʆɑgɛ Empty7/18/2016, 7:04 pm

Well first, Tura is bootiful and her eyes are amazeballs. Second, you're great to talk to in chat so I can't wait for Tura and Mei to meet in rp. Je suis ready.
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PostSubject: Re: ɗɑtuʀɑ รiʆʆɑgɛ   ɗɑtuʀɑ รiʆʆɑgɛ Empty7/18/2016, 7:36 pm

Okay so she sounds like super-well thought-out. Loved reading her history, very interesting! Can't wait to see her RPed. :>
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PostSubject: Re: ɗɑtuʀɑ รiʆʆɑgɛ   ɗɑtuʀɑ รiʆʆɑgɛ Empty

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