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 | [ Leonora ] | A Closer Examination |

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PostSubject: | [ Leonora ] | A Closer Examination |    7/12/2016, 3:04 pm


◅ The First Glance
° Name °

° Nickname[s] °
Leo, Lee, Nora

° Meaning °
Italian for Light

° Age °
3 years of life

° Date of Birth °
February 16th

° Gender °
Cis Female

° Breed °
Timber/grey wolf

° Obtained Rank °

° Desired Rank °

 ◅◅ The Observation
° Exterior °

° Build °
Leonora is somewhat of a shorter height than most females, a short but long-ish type of body. She has a somewhat slime body with long strong legs and a bit of a longer tail than most wolves. She is easily able to pick up speed due to her long legs and slightly large paws that grip the ground pretty well for leaping and again, running. Though her shortness discourages her and makes her more wary around larger wolves, she isn't afraid to take a challenge if faced with a fight. She may be short but she has found herself to be very strong, and skillful on her paws to find a way to match up to her larger opponents.

° Pelt °
Her fur texture carries the two main characteristics of being soft and slightly fluffy. It's somewhat thin though so she is often finding herself to be cold at times. But it's a lucky thing during the hotter seasons. Her pelt coloration consists of mainly light grey, dark grey, and white. Main color being the light grey that almost looks as though it's a very very light shade of blue. The darker grey goes from her nose and travels all the way down her back to the end of her tail in a solid but spotted/blotchy style. It goes down her back in this style, reaching down to her front legs and traveling down behind them but coming out and covering her toes. As you go down her back you'll find that some of it has somewhat stripped her, as if she has some kind of tiger stripped pattern that also is seen on her tail. You may also find the darker grey cover her back paws but skipping some of her toes while it begins getting spotted with the white that covers most her under belly all the way from her muzzle to her tail.

° Scars & Explanation °
The only scars she has are tears on her left ear. On the outer facing part of her ear lies a tear towards the middle that looks to have been ripped. The two more cut looking scars that actually cut through her ear toward the upper part of it. These two look more like someone had used a pair of scissors to just snip them apart. These were from previous run ins with aggressive animals she had unintentionally ran into.

° Eyes °
Her eyes are of a unnatural color most wolves she had run into had seen. She has a light pastel purple color for her eyes, that depending on her moods, whether it be she's mad or upset, will sometimes darken ever so slightly. Some who don't look her directly in her eyes won't always notice this slight change however.

° Drawn Reference °

[[ Art belongs to me ]]

 ◅ ◅ ◅ A Deeper Look
° Behavioral Traits °

° The Positive °
Friendly, Caring, Sweet as she can try to be, loyal, Passionate, Protective

° The Negative °
Passive Aggressive, shy, Nervous, blunt, sometimes mouthy, Insecure

° The Analysis °
Leonora is a pretty reserved wolf, keeping more to herself than to engage mostly any social action. She could be considered an introvert, but titles don't really matter in her case. If you wish to see this wolf to engage in a conversation you better be ready to be the first to start it for she only really likes to talk when she is spoken to first. Especially if those around her and her surroundings are new. When you speak with her, her sentences will be short and her voice will be soft and quiet. You may have a hard time hearing her. Her body language will be constantly shifting nervously , giving off pretty good vibes she's nervous and out of her comfort zone at the moment. This has normally sent those away from her because they had thought she didn't want to speak with them and that she was severely uncomfortable around them. This is normally with a one on one encounter, however she tries to hold herself up strong. When she is crowded though, she begins feeling pressured, she'll begin getting a bit snappy/mouthy, being rude to defend herself, or in some cases she will just do whatever she can to escape the situation. But this normally becomes rare to see if she has become comfortable with at least one or two other wolves that are with her. She becomes more open, joking, playing, and being a bit more blunt. But be warned, she tends to be very passive aggressive when something is bugging her and it may come out in different ways. Leonora is a bit of a complicated wolf but she does her best to sort herself out and keep herself in line.

° Romantic Oriantation/Sexuality °
Demiromantic - Heteroflexible

° Interests °
Spring/fall seasons, Rain, The stars/night, Thunderstorms, water, sneaking around, exploring, listening

° Distaste °
Winter, Ice, larger intimidating animals, Heavy wind, lightning, fighting, heights

 ◅ ◅ ◅ ◅ Current and Past Ties
° Connections °

° Mother °
Eleanor - Unknown - Assumed to be  Deceased

° Father °
Jax - Close relation - Deceased

° Siblings °

° Past Record °
Currently under works

° Relations °

° Status °

° Pups °

° Current Interest °

° Relation Chart °

Indifferent | ◉ ◉ Acquainted | ◉ ◉ ◉ Likes/Approves
Friends | ♦ ♦ Best Friends | ♦ ♦ ♦ Considers Family
Interested | ❥ ❥ Affectionate | Love
° Wary Of | ° ° Fears | ° ° ° Dreads
Finds Annoying | ● ● Distastes | ● ● ● Resents/Hate

| Name | Relation Status | Thoughts |

 ◅ ◅ ◅ ◅ ◅ Other

° N/A °

° - Work in Progress - °

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PostSubject: Re: | [ Leonora ] | A Closer Examination |    7/12/2016, 3:25 pm

Yassss boo, I like your bio alot! Also Leo is just so pretty *---*
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PostSubject: Re: | [ Leonora ] | A Closer Examination |    7/12/2016, 3:47 pm

Welcome to TO! Leonora's design is rather aesthetically pleasing, she reminds me a bit of Daenerys Targaryen. I'm interested to see how she fits in~
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PostSubject: Re: | [ Leonora ] | A Closer Examination |    7/12/2016, 11:30 pm

Thank you both ! c:
It's been quiet a while since I last Role-played so I'm excited to see how this all works out and how she fits in as well!
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PostSubject: Re: | [ Leonora ] | A Closer Examination |    7/13/2016, 12:57 am

I love this character already, and we've talked in chat. Can't wait to have Mei and Leonora meet in RP!
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PostSubject: Re: | [ Leonora ] | A Closer Examination |    7/13/2016, 7:23 am

Welcome to the Orchid! Lovely looking character!
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PostSubject: Re: | [ Leonora ] | A Closer Examination |    7/13/2016, 4:37 pm

She looks lovely!
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PostSubject: Re: | [ Leonora ] | A Closer Examination |    7/17/2016, 7:53 pm

hi yes hello I haven't welcomed any of you new ones; so welcome and I can't wait to actually meet Leo in the Role-play! I really like this charrie a lot c:
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PostSubject: Re: | [ Leonora ] | A Closer Examination |    7/18/2016, 12:09 am

Thank you guys cx
I'm glad you guys like her and stuff !
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PostSubject: Re: | [ Leonora ] | A Closer Examination |    

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| [ Leonora ] | A Closer Examination |
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