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who are we?
The Orchid is a structured, linear role playing forum. The Orchid is set in the post-apocalyptic ruins and rainforests in the middle-eastern region of Earth. Life in the wild is difficult, made more so due to nature's ever-present threats and the many scars left by a fiery past. The purpose of the Orchid was to bring back the small community feel of old linear role plays. It was created to foster creativity and cooperation in a relaxed, slower environment, but also keeping aware of a realistic timeline and pacing. The Orchid is meant to be cooperative fiction, instead of having a glorious, encompassing plot. The will to survive, however, is distinct, deep-rooted, and pressing.

how to get started
We've created a simple set of guidelines to help you get started with us.
  1. Read the rules. Much of the rules pages are really just guidelines to help you play along, rather than hard set in stone rules. The majority of rules we have are bendable if it allows players to have more fun.
  2. Look through the information board. The pages found within give an overall description of the role play and will help you get an idea of where the game takes place. This includes the pack ranks, relationships between characters, a map of the territory, and the medicines and poisons that can be found within it.
  3. Register an account on the forums. Remember that your username should be the name of your character.
  4. Once you've registered, create a biography in the biography page. It really doesn't matter how it looks. If it's plain or decorated in HTML, we don't really mind. In all honestly, we would simply appreciate a quick run down of your character.
  5. All characters will start out as a Drifter, also known as a loner, and what they do from there is up to you. You can have them try to group others together to form a pack, or you can have them try to scrape by independently. It's all up to you!

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