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Name- Fellyks
Alias- Fell
Gender- Masculine
Age- Two years, seven months
Origins- Half Eurasian Wolf, half Grey Wolf
Voice- Jim Caviezel
Aroma- Fellyks takes on the aroma of warm grass, with the faintest undertone of mint.


Build- Fellyks has a tall form, being 36 in. at the shoulder, and is of average length. He has lean muscle about his legs, shoulders, and haunches. These lend him quite a bit of strength, despite not being  massive with muscle. He has larger than average ears, with long legs and narrow paws. He could be considered good-looking, with a high brow and sharp muzzle that tapers, if his ears didn't throw his head out of proportion. He carries himself in a prideful, dignified manner.
Fur Texture- Fellyks has a thick pelt with a course, wiry texture, ranging from two and a half to three inches along most of his frame. This thins out on his tail, and the fur about his neck and shoulders is slightly longer at three and a half inches. During the winter his fur thickens to about three to four inches all over his body, and in the summer it thins to two and a half inches, yet still remains rather thick about his neck.
Fur Coloration- His pelt consists mostly of a battleship grey, with a thin layer of charcoal guard hairs covering his shoulders, neck, crown, and back. This shading also extends along the tail slightly, and a more concentrated form of the same tone borders the front of his ears. His abdomen and lower chest are a crisp white tone that fades into silver as it nears the edges. He has a copper gradient that's focused mainly along his muzzle, flanks, and back of ears, though there are random patches of the same tone spread about his body. These are mostly along his legs and neck, and there are small rings around his eyes and at the inside borders of his ears.
Eye Coloration- Fellyks's iris is a cold silver that darkens to a plain grey as it nears the border of his eye.
Scars/Deformities- None, currently.


Personality- Fellyks is a pretty nice guy, but not that approachable. He usually maintains a straight face, and isn’t very demonstrative, so these will generally lead most to believe he isn’t friendly. He’s relatively polite and courteous to others. He’ll rarely instigate the conversation, allowing others to make the first move, though isn’t afraid to approach others. He’s often quite sarcastic, though he means no harm by it, and rather intelligent and loyal. Despite that, he’s slightly impulsive when speaking and sometimes doesn’t think things all the way through before saying them. He’s honest, sometimes blatantly so.
Though he’s outwardly kind, Fellyks gets irritated rather easily, with others and with himself. This leads to a lot of pent up frustration, which makes him very willing to fight. He will, if he gets the chance and believes he’s matched with his opponent or his opponent is better than him. He has a sense of honor and fairness, and instinctively tells the truth. He believes that others are naturally good, but contradictorily enough, doesn’t place his trust in others easily. He has a bit of a dramatic streak.
Likes- Fellyks enjoys listening to the banter of others, though  joining in isn’t something he often does. He has an odd adoration of the night sky, and could go either way with being alone or being with others. Though this isn’t conscious, he has a certain fondness for timid canines and enjoys attempting to bring them out of their shells.
Dislikes- Fellyks dislikes the amount of debris that will collect in his thick pelt over the course of the day, and always takes time to remove the needles and leaves from his pelt before he retires. He also dislikes anything touching the area in between or around his eyes. Particularly loud, boisterous wolves annoy him, as well as those that are overly confident.
Goals- Fellyks wishes to succeed in life, in the sense of gaining trustable companions and possibly a mate.
Fears- Fellyks fears death as much as any other canine, and eye injuries.
Quirks-  Instead of a normal whine or whimper to show contentment or to greet others, Fellyks will make a clicking noise in his throat. He’s also slightly fidgety.


Strength- 8/10
Speed- 5/10
Stamina- 7/10
Intelligence- 8/10
Balance- 9/10
Health- 8/10
Situational Awareness- 7/10
Hearing- 6/10
Eyesight- 7/10
Sense of Smell- 8/10

Strengths- Fellyks's strength lies in his flexibility and sense of balance. He has a wiry strength through his limbs and shoulders, along with a sharp nose and a quick wit. He can function on his own well, and speaks fluent English and mostly fluent German, though his accent isn't the best.
Weaknesses- Fellyks isn’t very swift, and his hearing isn’t the greatest. His impulsive behavior and speech patterns can get him into trouble, and his inapproachability makes it difficult to work with others.




Crush- None
Mate- None
Offspring- None
Parents- Dietrich (Sire; Eurasian Wolf) and Ana (Dam; Grey Wolf)
Siblings- Emmerich (older brother), Daria (older sister), Fritz (younger brother)

Relations Amongst Pack

Bender: Disliked-Unknown-Distant
Bender was one of the first canine's Fellyks encountered-- he thinks that Bender is full of himself and simply rather annoying. He has no intentions of interacting with him again, if he doesn't need to.

Riki: Unsure-Acquainted-Neutral
Fellyks encountered Riki in the forest and, impressed by his muscle, decided that travelling with him would be a good idea. Though he doesn't know much about this young stranger, and doesn't entirely trust him yet, he's glad to be travelling with him.

Chaos: Liked-Acquainted- Neutral
Shortly after meeting up with Riki, the pair encountered a young female by the name of Chaos. Interested in this shy lass, he's attempting to get her to join him and Riki as another member of their growing pack.
Successfully gaining her addition to their ranks, Fellyks is now travelling with Chaos and Riki, along with Theo.

Theo: Liked- Acquainted- Neutral
Theo joined Fellyks soon after the group gained Chaos. Though he wasn't very fond of the jumpy male at first, Fellyks has grown more fond of him, and is beginning to enjoy his company.

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PostSubject: Re: Fellyks | Patron   Fellyks | Patron Empty12/30/2015, 1:34 am

welcome to the pack, fellyks!! you may now roleplay whenever you like!! c:
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PostSubject: Re: Fellyks | Patron   Fellyks | Patron Empty12/30/2015, 1:37 am

Thank you, Turan!
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PostSubject: Re: Fellyks | Patron   Fellyks | Patron Empty12/30/2015, 8:41 am

Awesome bio Fellyks! Can't wait to rp with you!
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PostSubject: Re: Fellyks | Patron   Fellyks | Patron Empty12/30/2015, 10:22 am

A beautiful character! Welcome to The Orchid!
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