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 Riki Tahlin - Male - Wolf - Drifter - WIP

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PostSubject: Riki Tahlin - Male - Wolf - Drifter - WIP   Riki Tahlin - Male - Wolf - Drifter - WIP Empty12/28/2015, 3:11 pm


[ Identification ] : : Rikimaru Kato.
[ Answers to ] : : Riki, or in special cases, Rikimaru.
[ Gender ] : : Male. He/His pronouns.
[ Species ] : : Grey wolf.
[ Age ] : : Two years old. Young adult.
[ Sexual Orientation ] : : Bisexual.
[ Ranking ] : : Drifter, aspiring pursuant.
[ Voice ] : : Oscar Issac (as Poe Dameron.)

[ Fur ] : : 38″ at the shoulder and roughly weighing 155 Lbs, Rikimaru is a tall mass of muscle covered in mouse grey fur from head to toe. His pelt is long and silky from well grooming. Darker shades of his base coat, and white splash his pelt like paint on a canvas, making pretty intricate markings.

[ Eyes ] : : His eyes are a light blue and a dark chocolate brown, an odd mixture of colours (sectoral heterochromia.) They're wide and expressive, and always seem to reveal what he's thinking or feeling, no matter how hard he tries to hide it.

[ Scent ] : : His fur is scented like a forest, a strong and musky scent, with a hint of flowery smells.

"I am Riki."
The Fundamentals

• Name
Riki Tahlin.
("Ree-kee" "Ta-Lin.")

• Answers to
Riki. Rikimaru (only in special cases.)

• Sex

• Pronouns

• Sexual Orientation

• Age
Two years old.

• Species

• Ranking

• Voice
Oscar Issac. [1/2.]

"Seeing is believing."
First Impressions

• Those eyes
At first glance Riki's eyes may not look particularly interesting - a light grey-blue in appearance - but on closer inspection, you'll see that there is more to them than just that. Mixed in with that "oh so lovely blue" is a beautiful shade of dark brown, speckled across and contrasting with the light shade. His eyes are very expressive, always giving away what he's really feeling, whether it's utmost admiration or a seething rage.

• That body
Standing at a rather tall thirty-eight (38) inches and weighing at a heavy one-hundred and fifty five (155) pounds, he's a muscular lad with sleek, well-kept, steel grey fur covering his body. Splashed upon his coat like paint on a canvas are many markings, white and dark grey in hue, nicely blended together and pleasant to look at. Dark fur cascade's around his facial features - like a beard - starting from his cheeks and ending at his chin.

• Reference

"I speak softly, but carry a sharp knife."


• Optimistic.
Hopeful and confident about what will happen in the future, Riki is always looking on the bright side of things (especially when it comes to himself.) Even when everything has gone wrong and it feels like nothing can get any better, Riki is always the one to try and cheer everyone up, believing that everything will eventually get better.


• Cocky.
Incredibly confident with an air of arrogance, Riki is a egotistical braggart who thinks they know-it-all. Whether he's claiming to be an expert at literally everything or is boasting about how "amazing" his looks are, Riki is constantly going on about how amazing he is.

"My family avenged."
Flesh and Blood

• Parents.
Rikuto (Sire) and Yuuki (Dam.)

• Siblings.
Katsu (Older Brother) and Haruto (Younger Brother.)

• Other.
Eclipse (Half Uncle.)

"You choose your friends. Sometimes your enemies choose you."
Friends and Foes

• Allies.

• Enemies.

• Neutral.

"Cut to the quick."
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Riki Tahlin - Male - Wolf - Drifter - WIP
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