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 Neferatiti's tales and diary entre's .

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Neferatiti's tales and diary entre's .  Empty
PostSubject: Neferatiti's tales and diary entre's .    Neferatiti's tales and diary entre's .  Empty6/30/2016, 7:53 pm


Neferatiti was born along the nile , Egypt. Her pack travelled a lot and only had one long resting time in a year which was 3 months of staying in a chosen area. When neferatiti was born they where resting in Egypt , there was a lot of prey and little competition as long as you stayed away from the water of course .

Her mother Akat and her Father Atep where also from Egypt  and although they where warriors they loved the history of this place and how their ancestors may have served the pharohs in their kingdom and worked alongside divine beings .

Neferatiti was no different , she longed for those battles she had heard and her mother often told great tales of warrior wolves along side their masters . Although neferatiti couldn't see herself being bound to a human she did see the strong warrior part .

Fenris was just as fond of the tales as neferatiti or rather find of her telling of them , she would lose herself and her warrior coating , and just be the real her and that's why he asked so many questions and expanded how long they spent by pyramids under the stars .

Neferatiti has traveled a lot through her years , with her clan and without her pack .She has many tales to share . Shall she share them with you ? .

This page will contain tales ( all fictional , all mine ) and important diary entre's in nefs life . I'll update frequently and they shall have a color codex.

Tale #1 : Anubis lost his jackle

Our story begins in ancient Egypt .
Once there was a wolf who was named Neith , She was friend to the priests of anubis , Neith disliked the jackles , they did not deserve the trust nor respect they where given , they where cruel and unloyal. They didn't understand the sacred duty of guarding the dead .
Neith was right not to trust them , for in the dead of the night when thunder quaked the earth and shattered the sky , they went and stole from Anubis temple .
Neith was out in the valley of the kings as she watched guard in this oh storm night.  The tombs guarded her from the harsh winds and scattered sand. She sat the perfect guardian for kings who would never thank her .

But she had a dream , a secret desire , she was no longer satisfied by her job , She didn't wish to serve old priests . No she wished to serve a God . Little did she know her dream was about to come true.

The same before her grey paws turned as black as the deepest darkest night , like oil it swrilled around , slowly rising taking shape . She jumped up the fur on her back standing up straight , the sliver shining against the flashing id the lighting . There was great power here . Fearing some sort of trap from a gravewarrior , she bravely sniffed the rising sand , death , all she could smell was death . She stepped back snarling and snapping , her powerful jaws could rival any crocodile .
But the sand grew solid and took form

" guardian in this night , take my task and leave tonight  "
The snarling voice of the God himself Anubis spoke
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Neferatiti's tales and diary entre's .
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