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PostSubject: In-Game Rules   In-Game Rules Empty12/26/2015, 6:26 am

And or anything of that nature. Meaning, you cannot cause an effect on or control any other roleplayer's character or characters. Keep in mind that everything in roleplay must be an attempt, since every move your character makes isn't set in stone. Things can change depending on other characters' actions, and you must respect that, however, at the same time, realism and strategy is key. This leaves room for error on either character's actions, making it much more realistic and allows both players to have some say-so in what happens to their character. While it may not be very fast-pace, it is fairer.

If you're here, you've likely established some basic writing skills, which is all that is required. There is a five sentence minimum, and you are allowed to write in any tense, color, table, etc. At times, it may be a bit difficult to fill out posts, due to factors such as inspiration, writer's block, or simply that there might not be a lot to write about. This can always be counteracted by asking for help, taking a little break to replenish the creative juices, or simply thinking outside the box. There's no limit on posts, so if you want to write a novel for a post, go ahead!

character limit
You are allowed to have as many characters as you want, and they can be any gender, sex, or pursue any rank you wish. You may create separate accounts for these characters.

changing characters
You are allowed to change characters if you wish to stick with one at a time. Of course, you are also able to take some of them out. You may either make your character to pass away, leave the pack, etc, but it is suggested that you tie loose ends beforehand. Unless, of course, the loose ends are the point!

relationships & offspring
Of course, relationships are allowed. You can have your character like someone romantically, platonically, and the list goes on. All relationships are accepted, whether they're same-sex, same-gender, or even polyamorous groups. All characters can have offspring together and adopt if they prefer so. For pregnant characters, the player must wait within reasonable time before they give birth.

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In-Game Rules
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