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. : : MAKOA : : . Coolte31
Makoa Moana Koena
Makoa - Warrior
Moana - Ocean
Koena - balance
 Koa, Mako,Mak
 My ocean
Four years roughly
 Warrior, hunter, nomad
. : : MAKOA : : . Coolte32
Makoa is all around average practically. He stands 40 inches at his shoulder, so he's on the taller side. He's built for physical contact, fighting and hunting. The only things he's been involved with since his puphood. His muzzle is a bit bigger than most, being a useful accessory in tracking for his hunts. There's nothing too odd about his build.
Koa has his father's appearance; being tri colored. His base is a deep, sandy color. The same shade as the shore he was born near. He holds ivory accents such as his ears' hollows and paws. As for his main top layer, it's the color of volcanic ashen-rock. A tint of obsidian. He's uniquely shaded and has never seen another design similar to his - Makoa has a secret dream to have pups with the tri color gene such as himself and father before him.
Being born in a semi-tropical climate, Koa was born with a short, light coat. The silky textured coat absorbs water like a sponge and doesn't do well as repelling rain during storms. But good for Mako, since he enjoy the feeling for droplets.
Sunset orange; being darker at the edge and lighter near the pupil 
Makoa hold no marks, yet scars fill his frame, many hidden beneath his newly grown pelt. But can be visible at times.
. : : MAKOA : : . Coolte33
Disobedient ||  Cautious ||  Untrusting ||  Heart of Gold ||  Asocial ||  Loyal ||  Enigmatic ||  Curious || Easily Provoked ||  Actively Assertive || Idiotically brave

Disobedient :-: Makoa can be known as "disobedient" simply because after his past with Tua, he does his best to observe and analyze the outcome before partaking in given orders.
  Cautious :-/+: Koa does his best to be observant and cautious. Having the idea in his head, that anyone can turn against him and/or use him for their own gain. He tries to be on his toes around all he meets.
 Untrusting :-: It's incredibly hard (sometimes impossible) to gain the trust of this male. You get one chance, and one chance only. After you ruin his trust, you're out of his life for good.
Heart of Gold :+: This tri colored male was gifted with his father's heart of gold. A noble, honest, caring, and incredibly loving male over all is sheltered away in the beast of a hunter. This part of him is more than partner/father ready. Yet, it's locked away. And it doesn't look like there's any signs it'll be coming out any time soon..
Asocial :-: Koa often does his best to avoid others. Keeping to himself, often being quiet or even hostile towards others at times. He does better alone, he believes others aren't interested in him genuinely anyway.
 Loyal :+: You will never find a canine more loyal than Koa, it may be hard to reach this level of trust and devotion, but once he pledges himself to you, you need not worry about his actions. He will be faithful in all aspects.
 Enigmatic :-: Koa is naturally enigmatic, being a mystery to all. He keeps to himself due to the fact that others don't have a genuine interest, and if they are interested, he doesn't see them as worthy to know who he really is or was.
 Curious :+: Koa is curious of others. He was separated from other young as a child and wishes to see the beauty of the world through another's eyes. He wishes to see the wonder they hold within them.
 Easily Provoked :-: There are things that set off Koa easily; such as others challenging him, claiming he's a liar/unloyal, speaking ill of his family, saying he made the wrong choices, and simply doing him wrong. He will not hesitate to show his aggression and deal with those against him.
Actively Assertive :-/+: If something happens that is clearly in the wrong, such as abusing power or simply mistreating a female or young canine - Koa will being physically active and put a stop to the foul treatment. He wont think twice about such a thing. He cant stand mistreatment, especially after seeing his mother and Tua.
Idiotically Brave :-/+: Makoa is idiotically brave, if there's a threat he will stop it from harming those he cares about. Or at least the ones he's devoted to. It may result in his harm or even death, but if the others are okay, he will not hesitate for a moment.
Stamina || Strength ||  Vigilant ||  Endurance ||  Hunting ||  Protecting

Speed || 
History ||  His negative traits ||  His sharp tongue and short temper
Ocean || The beach ||  Bison meat ||  Salmon ||  Star gazing ||  Rain
Dishonesty / Unloyalty || 
The cold || Failure ||  his flaws
 . : : MAKOA : : . Coolte35
 6 years ago, two adolescent wolves met and instantly fell for one another. One a handsome, well built male named Haku. His fur was tan, black, and chocolate brown. Every young female was head over heels for him, but he had his sunset orange eyes set on Akela. A slender, petite female that was white, silver, and black. Haku had the frame of a war machine, compact muscles with sharp sense to match. Yet his heart was as golden as the sun kissed sands by the seashore. Akela was just as kind, generous and genuinely loving. The two grew closer, settling in their ranks as a hunter and gatherer. Simple jobs, nothing too fancy or extravagant. Around 2 years down the road, Akela was to give birth to their first litter. "My paradise." Haku said this term of endearment as he placed his crown against his mates. The time was close, soon the pups will be entering the wonderful world they lived in, and Akela and Haku couldn't have been more joyous and proud.

The night Akela went into labor, Haku vanished. The night was long -  thunderstorms roared outside the den, the winds howled. But, by dawn, a tri colored male and a tan and brown female entered the world in a land filled with waves and oceans. She named them Makoa and Kala. "My ocean" her voice was soft as she licked the yelping Koa. "My sunset" another caring gesture shifted towards Kala. Akela waited for Haku to return, yet, he never did. The alpha female, Oscoda, brought news of finding Haku lifeless in the hunting grounds. He was found in a puddle surrounded by hoof prints. No one knows what happened or why he was there, perhaps it was his over whelming instinct to provide food for his mate and new born pups. He fled to hunt alone, but the herd and storm tore him down.

The pack, and especially Akela, were never the same. Life was hard for her, she was nothing more than a gatherer. She had to keep them well fed and cared for along with her pack duty. A month after the pups were born, she was worn. Until the lead warrior approached her, he was ruthless. Nothing like her or her mate. "Akela, perhaps if you consider taking me, I could care for your family." He had a raspy voice and a grizzled, sly chuckle. Akela snarled and glared at the audacity that radiated from such a moronic, unappealing male. Yet her pups needed food, safety, and anything else.

Akela disliked Tua greatly, but she accepted for the sake of her pups lives. Tua abused her, physically, verbally, and emotionally. She took every ounce of it for the pups. As Makoa grew older, Akela would share stories about his father. "You look so much like him, you have his golden heart as well, Mako." Akela's eyes would light up each time she pointed out the same aspects after each story about her former mate. Makoa knew his mother was unhappy with Tua, but he knew that they needed him to survive.

Tua left Kala to be raised by her mother, yet as he noticed Makoa fill out as well as his father had, he decided to do something about it. "Your father was nothing but a weak mutt, prey killed him." Tua laughed his grizzled cackle and Makoa could feel the anger in his depths. "He lost his life because he did nothing with the power he had. Do you want to be like him? Do you want to be found dead in a puddle because of some animal lower on the food chains than you?" something in Makoa snapped. He didn't want to end up like that.

Tua trained Makoa in the art of battle, sparring day in and day out until he was the best. Until he was nothing more than a battle mechanism. Makoa participated in wars, battles, and challenger and always came out victorious. Once he was of age to pick a rank, he chose warrior. On his picking day, Akela helped groom him for his ceremony. "Are you sure this is what you want, my ocean?" Makoa nodded stiffly. Ever since his training began, Haku's golden heart seemed to fade away from his son's personality.

Nothing but power, greed, and anger possessed him since his time with Tua. After excelling through the ranks and even surpassing Tua himself, Makoa was at the tip of his game. Females swooned for him, males were jealous. Yet Makoa had no interest in such individuals. No one mattered anymore.

One night while patrolling, Makoa heard a shriek. He raced to defend, but froze as soon as he noticed who it was. His mother was crowned against a palm tree, her paw pads sliding slowly as she repetitively tried to back more and more into the tree. Her ocean Aqua eyes were grey with nothing but terror in them. Tua was growling, inching closer. For the first time, Makoa witnessed Tua sink his teeth into the flesh of his mother. Makoa raced in and defended her, "I made you what you are!" was all Tua shouted as Makoa wrestled him to the earth. Makoa stopped, pausing as his frame hovered over his teacher. His eyes glanced side to side as his mind raced and deep breathes entered and exited his chest. 'He did make me what I am... what am I? This isn't me.' Makoa growled and ended Tua's

He raced to his mother, taking her to his sister, Kala, to heal her newly inflicted wounds. Makoa never fought again after that day. He resigned his lead warrior title and joined the hunting rank. Makoa was never the same, his golden heart was still in hiding, his trust and obedience changed entirely.

As a year passed, he was around 3 and a half, and things still felt off to him. Makoa decided he had to leave. Nothing but memories of Tua's influence drowned him day by day. Makoa told his sister and mother about his plan to leave. Akela smiled and nodded to her now grown pup. "Good by, my ocean. I will miss you dearly." The goodbye was hard, but his mother and sister was well off. They had each other and the other pack members. Tua was gone, and no one there had bad intentions. Makoa was in his way to another life.
. : : MAKOA : : . Coolte34
Kala  Sister
None as of now
None as of now
. : : MAKOA : : . Coolte36
Makoa is looking for a female that will support him through thick and thin. Preferably one with his sun-set orange eyes and would love the ocean just as much as he does. Someone that won't give up on him and dig deep in him to unlock his benevolent soul once more. She will be golden brown, obsidian, tan, or gray-scale. Makoa dream one da he will find the love he needs to be what he once was. Someone who will make him as happy as his parents made one another.

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Wow . This is amazing . Can't wait to meet you in roleplay ☺
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Welcome to the pack, can't wait for Juno and Makoa to interact in roleplay!
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Thank you very much, I hope I get to meet you all soon ^.^
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Welcome to The Orchid! Awesome character and biography you have here, can't wait for him to meet Maverick in the RolePlay. =]
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this is such a beautiful bio omg, along with the character sdkjhsfk.


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