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once ripped apart; now back together
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first middle last

anke deltha forst

two years



top three - higher ranked

Hercynian Forest

elli - dawnthieves; alexander

personality: rather than being quiet and reserved, anka is a strong, independent soul. being so, she is pretty well fit for the roll of depute.

taking everything to the heart and mind, she tends to think things out before acting them out. a simple motto her late mother has taught her.

although she may seem like she has a rough side, she is still a sweetheart deep down in her idealistic soul.

as stated, she does tend to get a bit rude when coming down to things going down in the pack. this sprouts from her natural born ability to kind of lead things.

alongside her fellow pack mates, she strives to be the best depute she can; giving her all in her field of work at the moment.

coat color: a few words to describe her coat color would be salt and pepper. he coat is littered with shades of black and white in a pattern similar to one you might see on a gray wolf, except only with black and white. alongside that black and white, a light, sandy brown can be found on the backs oh her hind and front legs, and the backs of her ears. there's also some sandy brown in her tail.

eye color: a sharp orange color.

references: full body (left side), full body & face (right side), facing front.

relations: millian (mother), anduril (father).

relationships: friends - none.
romances - none
enemies - none

alias . time zone

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