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  {~ Juno ~} - Soul Of Secrets

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PostSubject: {~ Juno ~} - Soul Of Secrets   5/24/2016, 10:25 pm


~ ¥ BASICS ¥ ~

Name: Juno
Age: 6 Years
Gender: Female
Rank: Ground
Species: Timber Wolf

For the most part Juno is a pretty calm when come to others. She always liked help those in anyway that she can or could. In the past, she had the tendency to have gotten jealous a lot but over the years. She has gotten better, though she does snap once or twice. Juno is also a bit sarcastic sometimes, but she only goes to that when she is upset.
To start, Juno has bright green hues that seem to sparkle when they hit the sunlight. Also her fur is a pure black color that has hints of a dark brown that blends with her dark fur. Also their is a bit of white on her chest and chin. She is quite build in her frame which allows to have a strong structure. Juno is pretty fast even with her bigger frame, which is rare.

~ ¥ HISTORY ¥ ~
Juno once was living a normal life with her family and pack. Her parents were the alpha pair of the pack and always had taught their daughters the way to run the pack once they would leave the earth. As when young she a close relationship with the caretaker in the pack, having her to talk to whenever she need to talk about anything. Three months later, a sickness had reached the pack causing most of the pack to die including her family. Luckily the caretaker was still alive and had taken Juno under her wing and provided for her. During this time many wolves from the pack had decided to go their own ways, leaving just the two to themselves. A few years later Juno is now on her own as the caretaker had died from old age. She has moved around and traveled a lot, looking for a place to call home for herself.
* Cujo ¥ Father ¥ Dead
* Noelani ¥ Mother ¥ Dead
* Jaeda ¥ Sister ¥ Dead

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PostSubject: Re: {~ Juno ~} - Soul Of Secrets   5/25/2016, 6:10 pm

Welcome, Juno!
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PostSubject: Re: {~ Juno ~} - Soul Of Secrets   5/25/2016, 11:33 pm

Thank you!
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PostSubject: Re: {~ Juno ~} - Soul Of Secrets   5/26/2016, 1:13 pm

Welcome to the pack, Juno.
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PostSubject: Re: {~ Juno ~} - Soul Of Secrets   5/27/2016, 5:51 pm

Hi there welcome to the pack hope you have a great time
( ps love the eyes so pretty
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PostSubject: Re: {~ Juno ~} - Soul Of Secrets   

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{~ Juno ~} - Soul Of Secrets
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