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 Quick announcement about points

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PostSubject: Quick announcement about points   Quick announcement about points Empty4/4/2016, 6:28 pm

As many of you may know, I'm pretty much the [unofficial] distributor of our pack currency, Petals. Since the pack has started up again, I have been giving them to those who've earned them via posting, biographies and whatever else. The Achievement topics will be updated this weekend probably.

About the Achievements though -- I had to take an EFA for some rough waters in my life a bit back before the pack closed and after I left, the Petal distribution basically came to a complete stop. And the problem is, I don't have any documentation on where in the roleplay I left off in giving these petals for posts, so I essentially have no idea how many posts were made after I left. Thus -- no frickin' clue about who needs Petals.

Now obviously there's a flaw in this system, so I will start documenting my updates and whatnot a loooot more vigorously. I hope it's okay if we just say there was a small depression in our pack economy for that period and forget it ever happened. It would be unfair of me to re-attribute Petals to people based on purely a guess, so I'm only awarding Petals for posts  AFTER the Administrator updates on all of the roleplay topics.

I apologize for being an idiot. X'D
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Quick announcement about points
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