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 yojavi : the wanderer (wip)

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PostSubject: yojavi : the wanderer (wip)   yojavi : the wanderer (wip) Empty4/2/2016, 12:00 am

Yojavi Qojhokho
the wanderer
Yojavi Narenya Qojhokho

(stressed syllables will be bracketed)
phonetics key
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Javi, Yo, Avi


XX chromosomes

they, she

young adult


pansexual, grey-romantic, open to polyamory



I respect you respecting me.

Yojavi Qojhokho
the traveler
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ilana glazer
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For her sex, Yojavi can be considered slightly above average when it comes to height.

Strong and lean due to her mobile lifestyle, Yojavi still manages to "eat good" as she likes to call it. She is well fed, her body insulated by a healthy layer of fat.

Yojavi has a very fresh, earthy smell, dabbed just so by the natural saccharine of the wilderness. It opens with a gourmand accord of the forest: a sweet, acrid, earthy redolence of rich, black soil and crushed leaves. These complex, multi-faceted notes combine and twirl together to form a rich, velvety freshness. The fragrance of wild flowers and rich green grass touches her fur, the sharp, sweet trace captured and then lost all in a breeze.

Yojavi's fur is soft but thick, holding a bouncy wave that curls and sweeps across her frame in a whimsical, seemingly random nature. Even though her pelt is long and wooly, Yojavi is still quite sensitive to the weather. This, however, is primarily due to a great portion of her life spent in warm, comfortable weather. The canvas of her pelt consists of a wide variety of shades of grey, chestnut, cream, and the darkest, deepest coffee brown, golden honey reflecting in the warm light of the sun. The color of her fur vividly darkens as it frames around her face, flows down her throat, her underbelly, and her extremeties. Upon her back a lighter grey and cream hues puddle between her shoulder blades, softly trickling down her body. As it falls, the colors mix together to form luxurious chestnut and honey hues.

eye color
Yojavi holds a smoldering, sleepy gaze, made so by a menacingly low brow and a special condition otherwise known as "resting bitch face". Even at a neutral mood, Yojavi gives her studious, meticulous stare, softened just enough by the occasional smirk. Her irises seem to be resonant of of raw carnelian crystals against a forest floor of autumn; gold glinting against a sea of umber. Swirled in with sooty crescent moons, warm, sunny tones are trapped by a hazy hues that are the rich soil beneath fall's cloak, still cool and clammy from the midnight's rain. From afar, Yojavi's irises take on the appearance of a very gentle, warm amber, so subtle, and yet so powerful that it seems to glow.

While Yojavi may not be very physically impressive or unique, she makes up for it with her passion, tenacity, and the application of skill. With tough, strong, experienced muscles formed through extensive travel, every line of her is a soft, elegant, sweeping stroke. Yojavi is all but hills on a plain; graceful, purposeful. She is fit in a natural way: a lithe and sturdy form, the result of a body's adaption to the lifestyle of a traveler.

quote brah


Yojavi Qojhokho
the vagabond
There are no trends to follow. No rules, no traditions, no roles. Yojavi uses her own choices, actions, words, and aesthetics to push the limits of social convention. She greatly enjoys shedding expectations and frequently experiments in behavior and beauty. Yojavi, possibly, is as progressive as they come, placing much energy in her care for social issues and equality. She's undoubtedly expressed more than once, "Don't put me in a box!" Extensive travels have gifted her with many experiences of different ways of living, loving, seeing, and thinking. Experiences both positive and negative have left her with the perspective, "Why stick to just one box when there are so many others to explore?" Yojavi is adventurous in this way, living to push her passions, to experience ways in which she has never before. Risky behaviors and snap-second decisions are her nature, and is exactly her method of sucking the marrow of life. Yojavi enjoys every tasty bit of it. Yojavi is a free-spirit, tameable by no one but herself, in that she is very spirited, loves freedom, free things, and goes about life with a carpe diem attitude. For her, being true to herself and having a good time is paramount. Straight-up uninhibited and goofy, she is able to have deep, meaningful discussions, but also care-free, relaxed times. Some may call her lazy, aloof, or ditsy (which all might as well be true!),Yojavi argues that she simply exists on a higher plane of personal and social liberation.

Yojavi lives to find ways to push her passions, to experience life in ways she hasn't before. She takes joy in reinterpreting the connections she makes with the world, people, places, sights, reinventing and experimenting with both herself and the world around her. She changes her environment, achieves her seek for pleasure, aesthetic, beauty, and happiness, through the many different decisions she makes. Yojavi is adventurous in the way that she pushes the limits of everything around her, trying to take in as much life as she can.

At times, her affinity for adventure and pleasure can lead her to make rather reckless, short-sighted, and sometimes even self-centered choices. While pursuing her relentless hedonism, Yojavi comes up with frivolous schemes and aventurous antics, but almost every escapade comes with unintended consequences. As much as she tries to minimize collateral damage, it still happens. At times, it's hard for her to remember that not everyone has the same ideals, needs, wants, or concerns that she has. Because of this, some of the decisions she makes, whether in the pursuit of happiness, adventure, or just experience in general, may come at a cost to others within her vicinity. This lack of forethought is usually due to her lack of inhibition, and complete shamelessness in general. Yojavi sometimes forgets that one thing she's okay with is the same thing that makes another very uncomfortable.

A result of her blatant disregard of social norms, Yojavi is often very candid and forthright with how she presents herself to those around her. This, of course, can give both negative and positive consequences. Yojavi is mostly confident with her ideals, values, goals, and general sense of self; as a result, has a unique ability to truly be herself. Utterly, terribly, and charmingly weird, she is free from the bounds of social convention. This can cause her to come off as straight-up goofy, and gives her the ability to have very deep, taboo, and possibly even weird discussions. While charming and positive to some, it can also ward off, insult, and maybe even weird-out others.

Yojavi is fiercely and relentlessly independent, and defends this with an almost viscious tenacity. She likes to think of herself as wild and free, bound by none, belongning to none, half of none, but a whole, complete being. Not a puzzle piece, half, part, and definitely not anybody's something to place ownership upon, Yojavi is a whole, complete being and nothing less: belonging to nobody but herself. Having dealt with the suffering of codependency, Yojavi works to maintain independent, self-sufficient, equal relationships where she isn't bombared with what she believes to be immoral and objectifying claims of possession and ownership. This fierce independence is an important factor (of many) of why she strays from romantic relations, because she is rarely, if ever, met with this same seriousness. Yojavi is rarely, if ever, lonely. This is not to say, however, that she does not wish to talk or communicate with others. Because of her independence, Yojavi is never lonely. She is accompanied just fine by the strong, positive, and empowering relationship that she has with herself.


Yojavi is an artist, not in the typical sense where she's painting happy little trees. She is an artist, one of quiet passion, who is not just drawn to beauty, but wants to embrace it, make love to it, to be it, and to make more of it. She walks into the world and its many places, and she sees everything. Yojavi sees a world of color, sensation, sensuality, and is inspired by the connections that she forms with the people she meets, the ideas she discovers, and the sights, smells, and places that she experiences. Yojavi is in love with pleasure, aesthetic; with life. She likes to feel good; at this point in her life the most important thing is creating experiences that result in the most satisfaction. Passion seeps into the many facets of her existence, magnifying experiences, placing meaning and beauty where most would dismiss as mundane or boring. To Yojavi, the simplest things can mean the world, and her efforts to manifest beauty and pleasure can vary in staggering, and sometimes unpredictable ways. Yojavi believes that, because she is able to love life so much, she is never alone. Love, beauty, happiness, they are all wherever she wants to put them, whether it be herself, the color of the sky, or something as small as taking a rest when she's sleepy.


• ditsy
• free-spirited
• adventurous
• imprudent
• adventurous
• uninhibited
• independent
• hot mess
• hedonistic
• ditsy

Yojavi Qojhokho
the wayfarer
• Stories, histories, culture, etc
• attention
• confidence
• independence
• mindfulness
• new experiences
• adventures
• relaxation
• defying social norms, boxes, ideals, and roles
• taking naps
• snacking
• aesthetic

• Stressful tasks, jobs, situations
• Strict rules (rules in general)
• Limitations; regulations
• Routines; schedules
• Taking orders
• when obligations or responsibilites are forced upon her
• Being tied down or boxed in
• When others are possessive towards her (ex. someone referring to Yojavi as their own: "my lover")
• Social norms, boxes, ideals, roles, expectancies, etc
• criticism

• Tracking and navigation
• Patience
• Positive outlook
• Great listener (orders being a blatant exception)
• passionate (selectively)
• Open-minded
• Woke
• Independent
• Rebellious

• Fiercely independent
• Selectively passionate
• as a result, can be very lazy
• socially awkward and candid
• very nosy, yojavi needs to know everything
• horrible at lying
• fluctuating self-esteem
• ditsy
• bad at taking orders and following rules
• rebellious

• having her independence or freedom threatened
• Attracting negative attention
• Unwanted obligations and responsibilites
• Strict rules
• Lack of flexibility or freedom
• being the "bad guy"

• independence
• combating codependency
• Exploration
• Freedom
• Questioning norms, authority, etc
• Celebrating life (everything!)



Yojavi Qojhokho
the drifter



Yojavi Qojhokho
the nomad




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yojavi : the wanderer (wip) Empty
PostSubject: Re: yojavi : the wanderer (wip)   yojavi : the wanderer (wip) Empty4/2/2016, 5:36 am

Gorgeous biography, Javi! <3
Love your character too, they're amazing. *_*
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yojavi : the wanderer (wip) Empty
PostSubject: Re: yojavi : the wanderer (wip)   yojavi : the wanderer (wip) Empty4/2/2016, 6:57 am

Yojaja <3 I've missed you!
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Posts : 45
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Age : 19

yojavi : the wanderer (wip) Empty
PostSubject: Re: yojavi : the wanderer (wip)   yojavi : the wanderer (wip) Empty4/2/2016, 1:54 pm

thanks maverick!! thats really sweet of you to say, im glad you think so c:
missed ya too arnou! im sooo glad that the orchid is back up!!

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PostSubject: Re: yojavi : the wanderer (wip)   yojavi : the wanderer (wip) Empty

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yojavi : the wanderer (wip)
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