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 the past and where it is now

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PostSubject: the past and where it is now   3/30/2016, 4:58 pm

all biographies from before will be moved to the archive, found in the ooc category of the forum. this is just in case some people might not return. returnees will have a chance to edit their previous characters or create new ones.

old ooc and announcement posts will also be found in the archive. if returnees feel they want to re-post any shops, games, or even bios, you know where to find them to copy and paste!

old role-play posts will remain where they are. in each of the rp areas that have been posted on, however, there will be an admin post that documents the time change within the game. this will be from when the role-play ceased (winter) to the time in which we are starting it up again (spring).

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the past and where it is now
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