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PostSubject: EFA Request   EFA Request Empty1/18/2016, 12:43 pm

A you can see, I have not been my active self lately and its due to me having lack of muse to role-play - writes block, we have all had it! And also, I have been busy attending interviews and doing work trials - on Sunday, after my trial I was told I had got the job, and my roster is a little messy due to me starting up and being new. I apologise in advance - In order to allow those who are within CC to continue Role-playing, can we all just assume that Elijah didn't pass out or anything, and he is on his glorious road to recovery.

Personal plots are still open to agreement, And I have still been jotting down other random ideas during the days (I'm sad and have a notepad purely for role-play ideas!) - So there are more to come! I will be on and off the forums over the next few weeks, So again my activity will not be up to scratch. If you have any ideas and or whatever - being new banners, icons, signatures bla blaa then please feel free to pm me, or add me on Skype!

I will try and up my muse, tonight and get replies and personal threads posted, but don't expect much!

Welcome to the few new members, who I have yet to meet and greet! TO is really coming along nicely, and is definitely a welcoming forever home for your toon's and creativity! @Zar'roc(Wont tag you for some weird ass reason!) @Thistletail, @Ian and @Raj

Skype: Pft_Kay

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PostSubject: Re: EFA Request   EFA Request Empty1/18/2016, 2:35 pm

it's perfectly fine for you to be away after all thats happening!! i hope the best to you!!
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EFA Request
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