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PostSubject: Bender's Plots   Bender's Plots Empty1/16/2016, 6:22 am


Bender isn’t good at having friends, but he needs some because he really does get lonely so his friends are usually
-Cool guys who don’t give af: Bender looooves cool guys. He idolizes players, guys with good senses of humor, and he gets along well with guys who don’t take everything he says for face value. (He says a lot of dumb shit. Bonus points if your character does too.)
-Ladies who like flirting and/or a little more without being clingy, getting pregnant, or otherwise wanting a monogamous relationship.
-Ladies who don’t ‘act like ladies’ (according to Bender’s narrow standards of women that is) like lesbos, chill girls who are cool to hang with (though cool girls are wayy out of his league) and girls who aren’t so sensitive.
If you want to make sure our characters become friends just let me know!

Current Friends:

More Than Friends:

-Bender doesn’t really have a sexual orientation because I didn’t want to limit him in any way in this area. He likes girls, flirts with girls, but he might still be open to some experimentation.

-Bender likes to flirt so if your character likes to flirt too they can get along well! He’s not really looking for a monogamous relationship right now but if for some reason you want our characters to be together, let me know!

Current flings:
Current Love:

Less Than Friends

Bender probably has a lot of enemies. People who don’t want to be his friends usually consist of the following.
- Strong independent women who don’t like being objectified
- Gentlemen who don’t like Bender’s objectification of women and other minorities
- Those who take everything he says to heart/those who hold grudges.
- Those who hate arrogance, bigotry, misogyny, etc.
If you want our characters to be enemies that’s cool! Just let me know!

Current Enemies:

Desired plots:

-Now that he is settled down, Bender wants to look for  treasures so he can start a hoard of valuables, trinkets, and cool things.

Current Members:

If you want to join let me know!!
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