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PostSubject: Hold  Me  Down   1/14/2016, 6:47 pm

Raj Hasephin
four years. eurasian/european wolf. demiromantic pansexual. pursuant.
Appearance: A heavy tan smears itself across all of Raj's body. It presents one with a dirty base color, making him look rough- raunchy, if you will. His fur cleanses itself just as it reaches the backs of his limbs, the underside of his tail and body. Just below the features of his face, however, the dirty tan becomes pure. Almost so much so that it is unsettling. The cleanliness of the tan there, just on his face, make it look like he licks his lower jaw clean too much. Like he preened so much that he licked the color right off his face to leave a faded, cream color. This shade of cream spreads from just below his nose to halfway down his neck, then outwards. It stops just short of jawline, like the light furs couldn't bear to let themselves mingle with the dirty browns and blacks that pepper his body.

Black smudges nearly everywhere on Raj's body. It starts with his face, right in the middle of his eyes and spreads outwards and back. Two noticeable smudges run under his eyes, right on his muzzle, where it mingles with the dark brown and acts as a barrier between dark, dirty brown and light, pure cream. The black barely rims his ears- barely- but the color makes itself known, mingling with the dark browns that try to surface from the ocean of darkness. His neck is kissed with black, but not so much so as his face. Yet, the dark color runs from his nape to his rump. Dirty brown tries to peek out- tries to present itself to the world or to a wandering eye- and therefore blemish the black with its presence. The battle between the dirty brown and black furs rush down to his tail, where it becomes a stalemate. It seems there, the two colors give up their previous tango, and thus seem to work in relative harmony.

A thick muzzle protrudes from Raj's face and resting at the end is a rather bulbous nose. Below his lips are stained canines which were once a smooth, pearly white. Now, however, they are a harsh orange-yellow; years of tearing and goring staining his incisors. A harsh scar runs between his eyes and stops just before the black bulge that is his nose, exposing gross, dark skin. The eyes that rest on either side of the scar are a riveting dark slate gray, though it appears more like a dusted blue if anything else. Raj's ears are poorly shaped when it comes to specific and defined curves. It's more like someone toyed with the base for a bit, curling it inwards slightly before trying to straighten out the tops as much as they could. They come to a semi-sharp point, then dip awkwardly back down to touch with his skull once more. Though their shape proves to be awkward- aesthetically speaking- it doesn't mean that they're not as useful as anyone else's.

To be completely and truly honest, Raj's whole frame screams inelegant. Flimsy legs support the oddly proportioned body, and they look ready to snap with every lurching step he takes. Raj's shoulders are best described as an upside down triangle. They start off broad, but as one slides their gaze downwards, it's obvious that they become oddly slim. The monstrosity's shoulders are oddly pointed and jut out significantly from his physique. His chest dips low and curves only slightly to define his stomach. Raj's thighs are too thick to look natural, and the rest of his legs look just like his front- thin, spindly, easily breakable.

Yet through this odd structure lies potential. Lean muscles shift and shudder beneath the dirty coat, just shy of making themselves perceptible. Hidden beneath the atypical form that is Raj himself, rests a creature of agility and finesse seemingly unmatched. The sleek sinews and tendons quaking beneath the skin allow the brute to be swift and fleet-footed, as well as grant him necessary strength. Though Raj boasts speed and strength, he lacks in the department of stamina. His muscles take only so much, and easily tire with too much exercise.
Personality: Raj boasts a personality that likely makes his character all the more unappealing. He's a sly devil, one who can get under your skin and toy with your feelings. He enjoys the power of controlling others, and gets a sort of high from it- enjoys the feeling of being in control, that sort of rush that makes his veins sing with adrenaline. He lusts for that control, that sort of influence on someone, and feeds from it.

There's no real good quality about Raj. He's a deviant, for lack of a better word. The brute enjoys causing a little bit of strife and chaos among his fellow wolves, and actively harasses those who he feels he'll get a good rile from. There's no such thing as boundaries with him, and therefore he'll get into another's space, make them uncomfortable with his closeness. It fills him with some sort of sick sense of accomplishment when they snap at him, cower, or try to brush him off like some sort of pesky fly. Any sort of reaction given is a trip for Raj, and so there's no real way to discourage him from his antics.

For those that he feels deserves a little respect, he grants it to them. Though, this act of mild submission is a very rare find in Raj, and whomever he decides to yield to is probably of some importance to him. He wouldn't call them friends- more like acquaintances- though they should take care in placing their trust in him; he’s very flexible with his relationships, and finds that if a connection needs to be terminated, he’ll use the most twisted ways of going about it. Generally, it deals with Raj taking insecurities and fears and feeding those malevolent things with his guile and silver tongue, hurting those who he feels need to be dropped from his inner circle.
  • Raj has a low white blood cell count and is therefore prone to illness. Even the simplest viruses can be very difficult to push through, and minor injuries could cause some major problems if he doesn't take it easy and care for himself properly.
  • The wolf's awkward structure makes him what many would call "easily breakable" or "flimsy". If he's not careful with himself, Raj could easily break his legs, ribs, or even his neck.
  • Raj lacks stamina, which proves that he's built only for short bursts of energy. He can only keep up whatever he's doing for a short time before he overheats or gets entirely too lethargic, and must rest constantly, otherwise he'll be too drained to function properly.

  • Raj's body, though awkwardly proportioned, is oddly swift. Although he lurches like a zombie whilst walking, his sprint is something to behold, and he prides himself in his speed.

  • Quite the useless talent, but one he often uses anyway, Raj tends to get on other's nerves a lot. It's probably his cocky attitude or the way he sidles up to others, but whatever he does, it works on everyone's nerves.

  • Raj often grins for no reason. It's a sort of tic that he has and can't really shake off.
  • Considering he gets tired easily, Raj pretty much always lies down wherever he pleases, which is mostly always a small den or perhaps beneath the shade of a tree. He usually never checks to see if he's in a place where he's unwanted, and honestly doesn't really care if another party finds his presence annoying or as a sort of trespass. He's tired, so he'll sleep.

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PostSubject: Re: Hold  Me  Down   1/14/2016, 6:58 pm

He and Theo will be funny to be around. I can't wait to see their reactions to one another.
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PostSubject: Re: Hold  Me  Down   1/14/2016, 10:07 pm

looove himm can't wait to rp with you Raj!
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PostSubject: Re: Hold  Me  Down   1/14/2016, 10:55 pm

totally looking forward to rping with y'all :') i'm glad you like him!
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PostSubject: Re: Hold  Me  Down   1/14/2016, 11:29 pm

your character is super unique, i dig that c: welcome to the rp!

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PostSubject: Re: Hold  Me  Down   1/15/2016, 1:30 am

This guy is really interesting, I'm excited to see how he'll get along with everyone in the RP. Welcome, Raj.
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PostSubject: Re: Hold  Me  Down   

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Hold  Me  Down
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