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once ripped apart; now back together
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PostSubject: Joanna's Wonderland   Joanna's Wonderland Empty12/31/2015, 5:33 am

Arnou Henrick Mikaelson
Arnou welcomes friends with open arms. He isn't the fussy type - bare in mind that although friendship is easily attained trust is not. Approach him with positivity and he will return the favor.
Love Life;
Arnou is currently not seeking his one and only, however this does not mean to say that flirting does not occur. He is a gent when it comes to the ladies of The Orchid, but do not take lightly to his admiration - as that's all it will be.
Enemies are something Arnou tries to avoid - despite him having many including his brother Niklaus.
If you want to Thread/Plot with Arnou and its not within those mentioned above please feel free to PM me and I'm sure we can work something out!

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PostSubject: Re: Joanna's Wonderland   Joanna's Wonderland Empty3/29/2016, 6:55 am

Alright, so before we all got busy with life, Elijah was hurt pretty bad from Corpse Cavern, soooo I'm going to do a time skip - And have him be 100% healthy again! Woo! Plots are still open for discussion! Looking forward to roleplaying with you all again shortly <3

Edited; Elijah has changed his name! Yes, It happened! I felt kinda left out with some people changing names and such so, same wolf - Just a different name! Arnou is here <3
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