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 turan - "i adore you, enough to get dizzy"

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PostSubject: turan - "i adore you, enough to get dizzy"   12/30/2015, 4:37 pm

turan albrecht

• Kind
• Compassionate
• Idiosyncratic
• Emotional
• Destructful

// I D E N T I F I C A T I O N

// N I C K N A M E S
Tuna, Tura.

// G E N D E R

// P R O N O U N S
She/Her - They/Them

// A G E
Three years old.

// S P E C I E S
Turan is not actually a full-blooded wolf; she is part border collie, too. Which can be seen from the various bluey shades and tans you can spot in her coat, along with spots of color located on her back.

// S E X U A L · O R I E N T A T I O N
Pansexual, but she tends to stay out of relationships.

// R A N K
Turan is an Itinerant, which suits her well since she would rather be doing more than one thing.

// V O I C E
Beyonce Knowles.[1, 2]

// P L A Y L I S T


// R E F E R E N C E S

// E Y E · C O L O R
Turan's eye color can be denoted as a deep blue, except it's lighter and a more pigmented color than you might see while in this world.

// C O A T
Turan's coat is a mixture of browns, grays, blacks, and whites that come together to form the intricate markings on her body. There really isn't nothing interesting about her markings, they are similar to those of a normal grey wolf you'd see here nowadays, except they are more noticable and involve more sandy colors rather than grays.

// F R A G R A N C E
Turan's scent is a mixture of a soft floral base and citrus-y undertones, coming together to create and intoxicating scent. The floral base includes Roses, Gardenias, and Daisies while the citrus undertone is formed of sweet oranges and a little bit of grapefruit.

// B U I L D
Turan is quite a small creature; she has a stocky and short build. Her short legs and big ears and tail is what tops this off, making her the one to quite stand out. She is more on the meaty side, a lil chubb, or loaf. Making her sometimes cute, but most of the time a nuisance when running or helping while hunting.


// P E R S O N A L I T Y
Turan is a rather.. unique.. individual, persay. Turan is a dork, just to get it out there. Focusing her time on being who she really is rather than someone else to impress others or to prove that she is worthy enough to lead this small pack of hers. Of course, she does have leadership skills too, which is why she is leader. Turan is someone who enjoys wildlife and the company of others due to her lonely past.  She, herself, is someone who very loving and really doesn't care about who other are; as long they're nice to her, she'll be nice to them. Another main point to Turan's personality is that she really doesn't take care of herself well; she's always worrying about her responsibilities and others instead of her mental health. This, though, is a very bad habit since she has the responsibility over everyone in her pack and copious amounts of other things that deal with pack life and herself. Turan chooses to label herself as someone who chooses peace over war, which will most likely get in the way when future feuds come along.

To get more in depth, she is kind. Being raised to treat other how you would want to be treated is a moral she has kept in her mind through her pup years into adulthood. This, of course, is something very useful when she is needing help, or anything else. Being kind is key when you're wanting something/needing something/etc.

As for being compassionate, Turan is very good with this trait. Her being compassionate has followed her ever since she was a pup. As said in a short manner, being compassionate means that you feel sympathy and concern for others. Turan has learned to deal with this trait throughout the years she has been living. Turan, as an animal, is very compassionate in many ways. She cares deeply for others no matter who they are and finds good in everyone.

Idiosyncratic; this is a neutral trait that Turan has. Idiosyncratic means that of or relating to idiosyncrasy; peculiar or individual. This is very true for Turan, she is a peculiar indvidual, but in a good way. Her weird personality is what makes her idiosyncratic,  giving that she can easily be a weeb when the right time is given. Turan also has moodswings, which makes her a peculiar individual too.

Turan is emotional. This trait is something that has grown over Turan for the past year, it something she has developed while being alone for a long while. Being emotional is a minus for Turan. Being emotional leads to her slipping into a depression which she cannot usually overcome. This affects the way she acts too. This is the reason why she doesn't try to get attached to others; she fears the emotional breakdown she'll have if something does happen.

The last trait Turan has is destructful, self-destructful. Turan has a habit of putting herself down with her worries, and telling herself that she's not good at this, or she's too short or too stout to help around with anything. This links into the emotional personality trait. Turan has gained this trait whilst she was alone for a long year, making it to where she knows well that she is self-destructful but she never acknowledges it.


// L I K I N G S
• Various plants and floral aspects
• Rain, or the sound of rain.
• The presence of others, the presence of friends/family.
• Sometimes being by herself to have some thinking time and relaxing time.
• The happiness of others.

// D I S - L I K I N G S
• Disloyalty
• Lying, being two-faced, etc.
• Sometimes being alone (wow what a surprise)
• Supremacy, thinking you're better than others.
• The cold, but she loves snow.

// S T R E N G T H S
• Her stout legs and body come in handy in most cases.
• Her kindess.
• Her being compassionate.
• Her big ears come in handy for hearing.

// W E A K N E S S E S
• Her stout body.
• Her kindness.
• Her being compassionate.
• Her self-destructiveness.


// E N E M I E S
None, at the moment.

// F R I E N D S
None at the moment.

// C R U S H

// P A R T N E R

• Iggie
• Io
• Probably Bender

yet, again, she does not have any enemies yet. if this was a place where she'd put the people that she is kinda pissed off with here, camilla would be here. although, she really does hope that she stays out of the territory of having any enemies.

turan has not had any lovers, nor does she have one at the moment. she plans on staying solitary for a while, maybe having a crush every now and then. of course, she is openly accepting towards others to have crushes on her.

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PostSubject: Re: turan - "i adore you, enough to get dizzy"   12/30/2015, 10:50 pm

love this new look hh <3 such a nice table! great work!
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Posts : 87
Join date : 2015-12-25
Age : 17

PostSubject: Re: turan - "i adore you, enough to get dizzy"   12/31/2015, 1:43 am

ah~ thank you!! yojavi coded the table for me tho since i suck so much at it.
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PostSubject: Re: turan - "i adore you, enough to get dizzy"   

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turan - "i adore you, enough to get dizzy"
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