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 Chaos | W.I.P

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PostSubject: Chaos | W.I.P   Chaos | W.I.P Empty12/29/2015, 9:24 pm

C h a o s

Chaos | W.I.P Arctic-Wolf-wolves-6002944-480-379

I. Basic


2 years, 3 months

70% Arctic Wolf, 30% Gray Wolf


Alive, healthy

Chaos | W.I.P Arctic_wolf_dreamer_by_woxys

II. Physical

Chaos' most notable trait is her extremely small stature. She is so small that
she is oftentimes mistaken for a domestic dog, and some individuals she meets question how she survived alone for so long. She is longer than she is tall, with
relatively short, slender legs, accompanied by small paws. Despite her small frame, she is made to appear slightly larger by a soft, dense overcoat that is particularly thick around her nape and cheeks. Her face is quite fox-like, with a slender, delicate maw and small, rounded ears, accompanied by large and expressive amber eyes. Her coloration is primarily snow-white (which makes her look somewhat like a small cotton ball with legs and a fox head), although following her spine, near her shoulders and haunches there are a few silvery streaks of color. Her tail ends in a contrastingly black tip.

Strength - 34%
Speed - 94%
Stamina - 63%
Agility - 76%
Flexibility - 65%
Reflexes - 89%
Intelligence - 91%
Health - 72%

As to be expected, Chaos prefers to avoid conflict at all costs. She hunts
only small prey, her frail physique preventing her from even taking down a deer on her own. She generally avoids contact with other wolves, keeping to herself and hiding in the shadows. Despite this, she's very curious and often observes individuals or groups from afar.

Flaws and Gifts
Obviously, her small size means Chaos is lacking in the strength department. Anything her size or larger she absolutely avoids having a confrontation with. On the other hand, she's good at her evasive tactics, and her small size enables her for quick escapes. She's more agile than your average wolf, as well.
However, her sense of smell is severely damaged from a past trauma that she can't recall. This hinders her ability to track prey, although if an animal is very close she can still pick up the scent vaguely. Her other senses are more keen because of the loss of her sense of smell.

Chaos | W.I.P Artic-wolf-about-face-L

III. Personality

[-] Timid, Socially Inept, Naïve
[+] Perceptive, Kind Hearted, Loyal

Above all else, Chaos is timid. She runs, she hides, she avoids and
evades. Her cowardice is the key to her survival, however, as she is well aware that she's too small to give other's the benefit of the doubt. Her extreme caution of anything larger than a fox can make her seem rather elusive, as she's very good at keeping herself out of sight but within hearing range.

Socially Inept
If an individual manages to earn enough of Chaos' trust to get within three feet of her, they will encounter the next impediment: social awkwardness. As a result of her being isolated from a very young age, even when she wishes to make friends she's not particularly good at it. She tends to stammer and stutter when speaking to others, and is constantly second guessing as to whether or not she said and did the right thing.

Although she isn't quick to trust others, when she does trust she trusts to a fault. She has a knack in seeing the good in all people, but because of this she can also be a bit of a push over. She's able to see when other's are being manipulated, taken advantage of or otherwise mislead, but is blind to it when it's her who is the victim. Not only this but she continuously forgives others, even when it may seem obvious to onlookers that the said individual wont change their ways.

As aforementioned, Chaos is very good at observing and analyzing, the skills developed from her years of watching events take place from afar. She's almost wise in that sense, and although she hardly ever talks enough to give away her intelligence, nothing goes over her head. Despite this she tends to have a blind spot when she's involved with the events transpiring, as also mentioned above. Her intelligence can make her a good emotional supporter, and she oftentimes understands others without them having to say much to her, or sometimes anything at all.

Kind Hearted
Although she keeps to herself, Chaos is by no means blind to other's feelings, nor
is she indifferent to them. She's tends to put other's well-being above her own, sacrificing her happiness for the sake of her friend's to the point that it sometimes costs her. This can lead her to be in a lonely position, or be taken advantage of (which has happened in the past) by selfish individuals. However, good things can come from her accepting nature as well, as she recognizes that there is both good and bad in all creatures and takes all of her companion's flaws in stride, offering forgiveness even to those who don't really deserve it.

In addition to being kind to others, Chaos is also very loyal, not only in a physical aspect, but also emotionally. Whether she feels the need to stick up for a friend or physically protect them, she can overcome her weaknesses in rare, fleeting moments of bravery if the situation is extreme enough to require it. She doesn't think twice about making sacrifices for those who are dear to her.

Chaos | W.I.P Arctic-Wolf-6

IIIV. Relationships


Chaos | W.I.P Arctic-wolf-stretching-les-palenik

V. History


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PostSubject: Re: Chaos | W.I.P   Chaos | W.I.P Empty12/29/2015, 10:39 pm

Interesting character, I think her and Iggy will make great friends haha 10/10
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Chaos | W.I.P
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