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 Io- a wandering soul

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PostSubject: Io- a wandering soul   12/29/2015, 7:11 pm

Name::Io(pronounced ee-o)
Current Rank::Drifter
Desired Rank::Mender

Io is an all black wolf with silver guard hairs that tint her pelt in certain lights. This silver coloring is predominant in her eyes spots and muzzle, though it covers her whole body. She is a petite fae with a slender body and a rather long and fluffy tail, which is exceptionally soft. Despite her size she has irregularly large ears and a keen sense of sight and smell to make up for what she lacks in strength.


Curious- Io has a fascination and a need to understand everything and everyone, particularly animals. She finds their behavior intriguing, and one will frequently find her stopping to pet and feed a stray dog or watching the birds. She doesn’t like to use animals for experiments or dissection as some of those who practice the darker arts may, but likes to observe, and being more of a hands-on type, touch everything she sees with those delicate little paws.

Short Attention Span- If what you’re doing isn’t of immediate interest to her, Io will wander. Her mind wanders while she is doing everything, which is why all her drawings and paintings usually are covered in smaller, completely unrelated doodles or notes, and all her poems tend to remain unfinished. She can hold a conversation just find, and is rather articulate, but she does require the occasional wave to bring her back to Earth. Oddly enough, she could sit and observe something she admires for a long span of time, but only on if it’s something she truly loves and admires.

OCD- Though “Obsessive Compulsive Disorder” isn’t an official illness in this world, Io has all the symptoms. Due to it being unidentified and a completely unknown condition she was often scolded and screamed at for trying to complete her rituals, and now only does them privately and to herself, unless she has a panic attack, in which she may attempt a ritual to soothe herself.

Anxious- Io is prone to severe panic attacks, which started soon after the death of her family. One will often find her bouncing her knee or chewing her nails, or tensing her fingers and scratching at her arms. She tends to be the most anxious when around large groups of people or crowded areas. After being shamed for her insecurities and “oddness” she does her best to hide her fears and anxiety, but this has proven difficult, especially at night when her fear of the dark sets in.

Warm Hearted and Empathetic- Io is a sweet gal, she loves to help others, it’s what makes her happiest. As much as she despises socializing or being in crowded groups or areas, she does care about all creatures, human or not, and won’t stand to leave someone hurting, physically or emotionally. This is one reason she often finds herself in emotional turmoil, as the pains of others affect her deeply. She feels along with those around her, and because of this may seem frail, as she gets flustered by little things, but she is simply overwhelmed by all the emotions and thoughts in her head.


Io was born alongside two siblings, both female. She was raised to take care of them, to make sure her younger sister was always safe, and to heed to her elder sister’s beck and call. As much as she resented her eldest sibling, she still did as she was told. She grew fond and close with the tan pup that followed her about as she did chores and gathered needed herbs for the family. For a long while Io was content with her life- it was only when one harsh winter struck the forest that things changed. That spring was intended to be the year that her and her siblings left home to search for mates and begin a new life, but with the cold came illness, and as her parents fell ill, all of the work to support her small pack fell on her. Amber, the youngest, was even more delicate than Io, and her older sister was of no help, having been raised to be ‘princess’ of the family- and as the winter wore on, seemingly endless, Io was forced to watch as her parents passed away, and see her sister slowly wither away. She was already skipping meals and giving up her share of what little prey she could hunt down by herself for Amber, but she could only do so much and still be able to function. Amber fell ill, as did her parents before her, and passed away. All that was left was her elder sister, whom she despised. That spring, after giving Amber and their parents a small ceremony, Io and her sister parted ways. To this day Io cannot face a snowfall without painful memories returning, and becomes extremely skittish and secluded near and during wintertime. She has given her life to making sure others do not suffer the same fate as her sister and parents, and is well versed in medicinal care. Io is incapable of refusing another wolf help.

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PostSubject: Re: Io- a wandering soul   12/29/2015, 7:20 pm

this bio looks really pretty!! can't wait to roleplay with her!! you can now roleplay ((:
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PostSubject: Re: Io- a wandering soul   12/29/2015, 7:20 pm

Yay! thank you :3
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PostSubject: Re: Io- a wandering soul   12/29/2015, 7:28 pm

Ahhh I love Io! The sweet baby. See you around, I feel like she and Nilla are equally unstable, haha.
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PostSubject: Re: Io- a wandering soul   12/29/2015, 7:54 pm

I completely agree, unstable is definitely a word to describe Io haha
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PostSubject: Re: Io- a wandering soul   12/29/2015, 8:15 pm

Great looking bio Io! Can't wait to rp with you
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PostSubject: Re: Io- a wandering soul   

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Io- a wandering soul
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