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PostSubject: yojavi velralis : the wanderer   yojavi velralis : the wanderer Empty12/29/2015, 9:08 am

Yojavi Narenya Velralis
Yo-juh-vee    Nuh-ren-yuh    Vel-rah-liss
Javi (Juh-vee)
She & they (no preference)
Entrant [ x ]
Young adult
Pansexual grey-romantic, open to polyamory
XX chromosomes
[ x ]
n/a [ x, x, x ]
• On the tip of Yojavi's left ear is a very small v-shaped clip, so miniscule it is usually only noticed upon close scrutiny.
• Three golden bead-like jewelry pieces are usually found around the tail and neck area, where sections of fur are pulled through the beads.

• Two golden bangles can be found on any leg, however are commonly seen on the front.
Yojavi has a very fresh, earthy smell, dabbed just so by the natural saccharine of the wilderness. It opens with a gourmand accord of the forest: a sweet, acrid, earthy redolence of rich, black soil and crushed leaves, which combine and twirl together to form a rich, velvet freshness. The fragrance of wild flowers and rich green grass touches her fur, the sharp, sweet trace captured and then lost all in a breeze.
Yojavi holds a smoldering, sleepy gaze, made so by a menacingly low brow and a special condition otherwise known as "resting bitch face". Even at a neutral mood, Yojavi gives her studious, meticulous stare, softened just enough by the occasional smirk. Her irises seem to be resonant of of raw carnelian crystals against a forest floor of autumn; gold glinting against a sea of umber. From far away, Yojavi's irises take on the appearance of a very soft amber, so subtle, yet so powerful that it seems to glow.
While her coat isn't too thick or woolly, it holds a wave that curls and sweeps across her frame in its own whimsical manner. The canvas of such pelt consists of a wide variety of shades and tones of grey, chestnut, cream, and the darkest, deepest chocolate. The texture of her fur vividly darkens as it frames around her face and then follows her throat down to her underbelly and extremities. Upon her back, lighter hues form a puddle between her shoulder blades before softly trickling down the sides of her body, forming chestnut and cream tones as light and dark collide together.
While Yojavi may not be very physically impressive, she makes up for it with her passion, tenacity, and skill. Even with tough, strong muscles created from extensive travel, every line of her is a soft, elegant, sweeping stroke. Yojavi is all but hills on a plain; graceful, purposeful. She is fit in a natural way: a lithe and sturdy form, the result of a body's adaption to the lifestyle of a traveler.
• Adventurous
• Free-spirited
• Perceptive
• Sensitive
• Hedonistic
• Nosy
• Ditsy
Yojavi is an artist, not in the typical sense where she's painting happy little trees. She is an artist, one of quiet passion, who is not just drawn to beauty, but wants to embrace it, make love to it, to be it, and to make more of it. She walks into the world and its many places, and she sees everything.

Yojavi uses her own choices, actions, and aesthetics to push the limits of social convention. She enjoys upsetting expectations and experiments in behavior and beauty--chances are, she's expressed more than once, "Don't put me in a box!" This is possibly due to her extensive travels, where she has seen many different types of living, loving, perceptions, and expectations. With this knowledge and experience, Yojavi has the perspective: "Why stick to just one box to shove yourself in when there are so many others to explore?" More than just a rebellious devil's advocate, she is shaped by meaning. She reads between the lines with curiosity and energy. Yojavi sees life as a complex puzzle, not just through systemic outcomes, but also through a prism of emotion, compassion, and meaning. As a child, Yojavi was trained in the field of tracking and navigation by a mentor who inspired her greatly with stories of far away places, the many different lives lived in such alien worlds. It is because of that past that Yojavi lives the way she does, with the perspectives and skills that she yields.

Yojavi sees a world of color, sensation, and sensuality, inspiration derived of connections with people, ideas, places, sights; smells. She takes joy in reinterpreting these connections, reinventing and experimenting with both herself and the world around her. This may make her seem a bit unpredictable, especially to those who try to pin her down to just one definition. Luckily, however, Yojavi usually knows how to relax, and is perfectly capable of switching from the passionate activist yelling, "Don't put me in a box!" to that cool and tranquil free spirit on the move and just passing by, with a suddenness that deems her quite erratic.

Despite all this, Yojavi is definitely an introvert, often taking the time to be by herself and recharge. When she's alone, she isn't always just sitting idle. She uses this time for introspection and planning. Not just dwelling on the past or future, Yojavi thinks about who she is, what she wants, where she wants to go next. When she emerges, she returns re-energized.

Yojavi lives to find ways to push her passions, to experience ways in which she hasn't before, to learn. Riskier behaviors are quite common with her, but simply because she wants to experience all that she can. Fortunately, Yojavi's attunement to the moment and her environment allows her to prevail quite well while presuming such a flighty lifestyle.

MEANING IS IN EVERY EXPRESSION OF LIFE - Malaelys Raelreos, Yojavi's childhood mentor

Unlike most, Yojavi doesn't plan in terms of assets and retirement. Rather, she plans actions and behaviors as contributions to a sense of identity, building a portfolio of experiences, not materials. If her goals and principles are noble, Yojavi can act with amazing charity and selflessness, but it can also happen that she establishes a more self-centered take on things, acting with selfishness, manipulation, and egoism. Usually, she uses these tactics when in situations where she feels that she has too little options, especially with those who may not be as negotiable.

Yojavi may be quite difficult to know, and thus, mysterious. While a very expressive individual, she guards this sensitive core very tediously, largely preferring to listen than to tell when it comes to others. Yojavi, instead, focuses on others, usually with little interest of dictating the mood of a situation with her own feelings (unless she feels that she truly needs to). Meaning, acquaintances likely will get nowhere near her emotionally or mentally without tactfully sustained effort. As friendships grow, it's safe to say that occasional vibrancy and adventure is the right way to go. Yojavi may not be the best long-term planner, but she rarely runs out of things to do in the present.

Feelings and emotions underpin every aspect of Yojavi's world, along with not just a tendency, but a need for fresh options. Yojavi should never be forced into anything, and rushing long-term commitments is a very sure way to scare her off. If she can't think, "Oh, that's new" every once in a while, she may start wondering, "What's the point?"

Regardless, developing some planning skills can be a healthy area of growth for Yojavi, as well as learning to be a little more comfortable voicing her feelings and communicating more clearly. Sharing Yojavi's laid back attitude usually soothes the more challenging aspects of mutual understanding, and friendships with more extroverted people helps Yojavi to learn and grow in very attainable, real ways.

In friendships, Yojavi is one of the most relaxed around. Laid back and adventurous, Yojavi tries her best to not bog things down with arguments or structured long-term plans. Intellectually exhausting pastimes like debates over the current economic policy won't inspire her that much. How to fix it and where to start is what Yojavi is most interested in.

Yojavi talks about what is, what it could be, should be, will be, and then actually does it. This interest in action is a blessing, since it helps her get further past shyness in meeting new people, which becomes easier when she's surrounded by people she's already comfortable with. Yojavi is very sensitive, probably an empath, and it takes time for her to build trust and feel natural with them.

If acquaintances start out by explaining how she should be, it's unlikely they will get close--Yojavi takes these remarks just too personally for comfort. From what Yojavi's used to, the same people who do start out that way are the same people who know nothing about her! Social expectations and being boxed in are two of the things she truly dislikes. Yojavi is absolutely happy to get along with just about anyone, but potential friends may need to ease up on the judgement, demands, and the aforementioned behaviors. As with any criticism, those friends are free to do their own thing, and leave Yojavi to hers.

If her environment is easy-going and supportive, Yojavi is glad to return the favor with added relaxation. When with she's with those she's comfortable with, Yojavi knows how to relax: by shedding rules, traditions, and expectations in favor of just enjoying oneself.

When it comes to jobs, Yojavi needs much more than just work. Power, structure, advancement, security, and wealth are all lesser goals to Yojavi's greatest want and need: creative freedom, and freedom. Yojavi craves an outlet for imagination, a chance to express herself intellectually. Setting up hunting trails, exploring the land, or even helping out on menial tasks is far more alluring to Yojavi than the confines of routines and schedules. She is a free soul, one that needs a hell of a lot of leg room, opportunities for improvisation, and immersive tasks that engage the senses.

This quality can have the downside of sometimes making Yojavi a bit shortsighted and reckless, though, of course, nothing is set in stone. Yojavi sticks to her own, that she can't predict the future, so what good does it do to worry about it now?

Often, this mindset holds her back from many jobs that she considers ideal, such as psychology, counseling, medicine, and teaching, which often require tedioius commitment and extensive preparation to get into effect. It takes a massive deal of energy and self-confidence for Yojavi to focus on a goal like that for so long. Yojavi just wants to be and do what she loves without the stress and rigor of professionalism and responsibilities.

An easier, commonly followed route is simply living as a loner, or by serving packs with her abilities in exchange for shelter and resources. Whether errand-running for healers (which she has done in the past) to make patients' stays more pleasant, joining hunting parties, or helping patrol territory, Yojavi makes sure to find a way to enrich lives, as well as make a living.

Yojavi looks for positions that provide as much wiggle room as possible to do things her own way. Environments revolving heavy around traditions and strict procedures are unappealing to Yojavi.
• Social and cultural histories
• Positive attention
• Listening to stories
• Positivity
• Confidence
• Mindfulness
• Independence
• New experiences
• Exploration
• Sightseeing
• Relaxation
• Strenuous activities and jobs
• Limitations
• Strict rules
• Routines and schedules
• Taking orders
• Social expectations
• Being tied down or boxed in
• Responsibilities
• Conflict
• Close-mindedness
• Tracking and navigation skills and experience
• Patience
• Positive outlook
• Great listener
• Passionate (selectively)
• Open-minded
• Tracking and navigation skills and experience
• Fiercely independent
• Selectively passionate
• Socially awkward (mostly due to her incessant dismissal of social expectations and norms; thus may come off as strange or weird)
• Nosiness
• Lying
• Fluctuating self-esteem
• Ditsy (particularly when she's tired and/or socially drained)
• Having her independence threatened
• Attracting negative attention or conflict
• Unwanted responsibilities
• Strict rules or lack of flexibility
• Limiting herself in any way
• Independence
• Harmony
• Enjoying the little things in life
• Freedom
Yojavi does not have any crushes, and probably never will. While she does become fascinated or interested in other people, it's usually that she just wants to get to know them more.
None. More often than not, Yojavi uses romance as a way to get what she needs, rather than for the relationship. For the most part, she is pretty repelling of romance, at least as it is defined by the general public. The concept of depending on someone so much that it causes pain is something that Yojavi doesn't respond very well to. From what she's been exposed to, romance usually consists of filling a void, half, being made complete, or being somebody else's. These are all things that she passionately disagrees with. Yojavi sticks to the belief that she is not a puzzle piece, a half, or a part, and definitely not anybody's something to place ownership upon. She is a whole, complete being and nothing less; belonging to nobody but herself. This fierce independence is usually why she strays from forming romantic relationships, because it is rarely, if ever, met with the same seriousness. Yojavi is perfectly happy being single, if not happier than she would be if she were otherwise.
leahna . (leon-uh) . 16 . cst . treat yo self

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yojavi velralis : the wanderer Empty
PostSubject: Re: yojavi velralis : the wanderer   yojavi velralis : the wanderer Empty12/29/2015, 9:33 am

Great looking bio Yojavi!
Cant wait to rp with you
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PostSubject: Re: yojavi velralis : the wanderer   yojavi velralis : the wanderer Empty12/29/2015, 9:55 am

thanks! same here c:

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yojavi velralis : the wanderer Empty
PostSubject: Re: yojavi velralis : the wanderer   yojavi velralis : the wanderer Empty12/29/2015, 10:02 am

love this bio, such a great character! Javi and Nilla have really similar personalities, they could get along well
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PostSubject: Re: yojavi velralis : the wanderer   yojavi velralis : the wanderer Empty12/29/2015, 12:02 pm

i love yojavi's personality ohmygosh. great job on the table n everything!! can't wait to roleplay with them ((:
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Age : 19

yojavi velralis : the wanderer Empty
PostSubject: Re: yojavi velralis : the wanderer   yojavi velralis : the wanderer Empty12/30/2015, 4:35 am

yall are so sweet!! thank you c:

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PostSubject: Re: yojavi velralis : the wanderer   yojavi velralis : the wanderer Empty

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yojavi velralis : the wanderer
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