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 Camilla "Nilla" Ross

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PostSubject: Camilla "Nilla" Ross   Camilla "Nilla" Ross Empty12/28/2015, 1:43 pm

Name ;; Camilla Ross
Nickname ;; Nill/Nilla/Camel/Chameleon
Title ;; Mender
Age ;; 4 years
Orientation ;; undecided (probably homosexual)
Species ;; akita/unknown mix

Reference ;; http://orig14.deviantart.net/095d/f/2015/362/9/b/nilla_by_bassanus-d9lsgfy.png
Description ;; Camilla has long, muscular legs from so much running. Because of the constant errands she goes on to gather herbs and such, her form is very sturdy. It is also clean, as the akita constantly bathes herself to clean the dust and other various muck from the curls of her coat.

Her fur is relatively short and somewhat soft. Its main body is a dusty rose hue while the rest bears other tones and shades derived from it. Her eyes are a piercing lime; a lime that resembles the very herbs that Camilla gathers. Consequently, her optics and very reflective, making it rather hard to see for her when the sun is out. Thus, Nilla spends most of her time nocturnal, as she blends better that way.

• independent
• crafty
• observant
• impulsive

Because of her independence and often intrepid behavior, Camilla is considered somewhat idiotic among her peers. Whenever given the chance, she will wander off on small “adventures”. This is why she believes she is destined to be a herbalist. Knowledge of the forest’s medicines requires many intricate pieces of information derived from many intricate sources as well as the desire to simply… explore. Being as curious as she is, Camilla finds it easy to get lost in the tattered pages in the piles of herbology textbooks she has accumulated over the years. Despite being so eclectic, Camilla often gets absorbed in her own thoughts, thus pushing others away. Usually, company makes her nervous, as she spends so much time alone. Camilla has developed her own private rituals and behaviors that seem strange and foreign to other canines.
Nilla is willing to manipulate others in order to get what she needs. Often, this includes getting really close to others to gain their trust. She usually does this to get access to pieces of information that are unavailable to someone of her rank, but occasionally she weaves her way into others’ lives for selfish purposes. Often quite lonely in her cozy, self-made web, she finds herself craving attention and affection. By getting close enough to her peers, Camilla believes that eventually, affection for her will spark.  

Nilla likes to make “deductions”. She knows what the forest usually sounds like, smells like, and tastes like in every section of it and can tell when something isn’t right. Camilla often goes with her gut and leads herself on wild goose chases throughout the wild maze of the forest. This is why she knows the woodland better than her peers; she spends so much time lost in it that being lost is no longer being lost. In fact, Nilla can find her way back home no matter how far from The Sanctum she has strayed.

Because Camilla goes off of nothing but her gut feelings so often, she can be considered impulsive. Usually also being brash and irrational, Nilla can be really difficult to be around in her manic outbursts. It is sometimes best to just best to go along with her delusions, as sometimes arguments with her can lead to aggression. Even when Camilla attempts to push her worried friends away, it is usually best that they tag along anyway if nothing else but to attempt to keep her safe from herself.
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PostSubject: Re: Camilla "Nilla" Ross   Camilla "Nilla" Ross Empty12/28/2015, 1:47 pm

10/10 lovin it
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PostSubject: Re: Camilla "Nilla" Ross   Camilla "Nilla" Ross Empty12/28/2015, 2:17 pm

thanks beeb cant wait to rp with you
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PostSubject: Re: Camilla "Nilla" Ross   Camilla "Nilla" Ross Empty

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Camilla "Nilla" Ross
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