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PostSubject: [Sevon] eight nine    [Sevon] eight nine  Empty7/10/2016, 12:36 am


Sevon (Sev) Brandt
Nickname(s): Sev, Seven
Age: 2 Years young
Rank: (Currently a Drifter)
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual Homoromantic


Manipulative- This male LOVES to find ways he can take advantage of other canines, for maybe his own amusement or to find information. This negative trait was presentable through his yearling stage of life.
Flirtatious- Sevon will flirt with anyone that doesn't have a scary mate. Both genders appeal to him, so finding someone to flirt with isnt often a problem. Romantically however, he is attracted to males.
Clever- Sevon is pretty clever despite how he can present himself, he takes quiet observation of other canines to see how they tick, react, or respond to certain things. Using that he can try to get information out of that particular canine if he wanted to.
Insecure- He isnt the masculine canine out there, that always is on his mind. He could be rejected and or squashed by a bigger meaner canine. Push people away, and make sure they don't know your true self, was always the motto Sevon kept in his head no matter what.
Optimistic- Kinda self explanatory, he finds the good things out of things!
Noble- With those he trusts he will never go against them, even if they go against him. He will protect and defend them because he would believe they can change their thoughts about him in due time.
Vulgar- He can curse all the time if he wants, or if he doesn't want to they end up flying out of his mouth by mistake. He's just prone to swearing! His favorite swear word being fuck, it's kinda fun to say

Likes: Night time, the stars, swimming, sunsets
Dislikes: Thunderstorms, rain, big ass birds, fighting
Fears: BIG BIRDS, being rejected and or hated, thunderstorms, oh yeah and death


Fur color: Sevon has a tan fur base. His front two paws have brown stockings both cut off at the paws. However his left front paw has bubble markings coming out of the stocking onto his left shoulder. His hind left leg is colored white, also a stocking that cuts off at the paws. The male's back and rump both have a large blotch of brown. His face has blotches of brown. And a white chest with brown along the outline of the white.
Eye color: His eyes are like the ocean blue, dark blue with light blue in it.
Build: Sevon was born smaller and lighter than average male canines. Putting him at a major disadvantage out in the real world, especially if he runs into a stronger and meaner wolf that is out to get him.
Reference sheet: Click here for ref Art by Leo!


Friends: Friends?? Psh, who has those? Not me
Enemies: Hahaha, he world is my enemy
Acquaintances: I have none

Crushes: I have a crush on every one man
Mate: HAAAA, yeah no
Pups: Noooo man

Mother: Can I not talk about her?
Kanaya - Hunter - Deceased
Father: ...
Cain - Alpha - Alive (sadly)
Siblings: They are kinda all dead, except for the literal devil
Alice - ??? - Alive (again sadly)

History: W.I.P


♥♥♥: I HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE HIS BIO AND SEVON OVERALL, he's a cute babe guys trust me

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PostSubject: Re: [Sevon] eight nine    [Sevon] eight nine  Empty7/10/2016, 5:36 am

Sev sounds like a cutie, I'm sure Vela will take a shine to him!
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[Sevon] eight nine  Giphy
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PostSubject: Re: [Sevon] eight nine    [Sevon] eight nine  Empty7/10/2016, 4:05 pm

Those markings oh that not-really-that-shitty ref are adorbs, can't wait to have Meili meet him haha
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PostSubject: Re: [Sevon] eight nine    [Sevon] eight nine  Empty7/11/2016, 4:55 am

Welcome! Lovely looking character!
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[Sevon] eight nine
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