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PostSubject: <{CRΩΠΩS}>   6/22/2016, 7:23 pm


Full name:
Chronos Ace Achilles
4 years old
Desired Rank:

Chronos has a rather course coat. His coat is black like a crow's with highlights of silver here and there. In the light, almost hues of brown can be seen. His coat isn't long, rather medium length but because of that it can make him seem a little big. The hues of silver and grey can be seen closer near his neck, throat and around the ears and eyes. This is an attribute that helps him hunt during the night. As his pitch black pelt prevents him from being detected by his prey. His paws are dark grey as well, slowly transitioning to grey going up his legs, yet his distinct dark claws are visible from the contrast between the grey. His tail is also very dark, but it is also highlighted with silver and grey that shine in the sunlight. Near his muzzle and on top of his nose there is a faint lighter hue of grey that gradients up to his head.
His eyes are a gold like amber. However one of his eyes almost seem to be closed as a large scar covers it. They are very noticeable when you first glance at the canid because of the very distinct contrast between his dark pelt and light eyes.
Height=100 cm at the shoulder
190 from nose to tail
Weight=75kg He is a pretty big wolf, broad and bulkier than the average wolf, although he has some bulk it doesn't affect his agility and stamina that much since most of it is lean muscle. His long lean legs and flexibly strong body allows his to take longer and faster strides maximizing his speed and an explosive start. However, he isn't much of a long distance runner, he has an explosive start but often uses this for attacking first. It is easy for him to tire other canids before he gets tired himself. Having quite the experience from previous battles, he relies on his powerful jaws, weight and long legs.
Special Features:
Other than his very noticeable scar on his left eye, Chronos has had a broken leg before. It isn't too obvious at first glance unless you really pay attention, one of his from legs are a little more bent and seem to be shorter than the rest. It has affected his hunting but he is slowly healing. But when too much pressure is applied, it does start to ache and get sore.

Chronos rarely has an unnecessary behaviour. He makes sure that all of his actions and words have been thought through, not because he is unconfident or conscious of what he says around others, but often because he hates acting extra. This contributes to his strategic behaviour.
Brutally Honest:
This canid believes that the bitter truth is better than that beautiful lie. When you ask for the truth, you better believe that he’s goes to tell you exactly what you might not want to hear. Although he despises disrespect and unkindness, he prefers to be honest to the canid, only because he cares. It has made him lose people in the past, but he rather not be friends with people that can’t handle the truth.
You could say that he’s a gentlemen, but that doesn’t mean he’s not boring or outgoing. Once you get to know him you’d figure that he has a very complicated yet interesting personality. He enjoys talking to other canids, as he is often understanding and even though he doesn’t enjoy talking about his problems he wouldn’t mind you going on and on about yours. Chronos is rarely the playful type but sometimes he catches himself unintentionally flirting with others, but he will never admit to the other person, damn he would never even admit to himself if he likes a canid. Wouldn’t say he’s a player, but it’s pretty easy for him to make you feel special.
Aside from all that good stuff, he has a very short temper. Once cause of his temper would have to be disrespect, he absolutely can’t handle it. That’s how he got that annoying scar, when he was younger he used to always pick fights because little things annoyed him. But he has been working on it, he’s much more controlled now but he has his little weaknesses that still aggravate him a lot.


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PostSubject: Re: <{CRΩΠΩS}>   6/24/2016, 4:11 pm

Love the bio it's amazingly done . Can't wait to meet you in roleplay ☺
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PostSubject: Re: <{CRΩΠΩS}>   6/24/2016, 5:29 pm

Gorgeous bio, Chronos!
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PostSubject: Re: <{CRΩΠΩS}>   6/24/2016, 5:44 pm

I really like his character c: (this is Haz from Wolves of the Sunset btw)
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PostSubject: Re: <{CRΩΠΩS}>   6/25/2016, 12:30 pm

Thank you everyone! Aye wassup man? I can only focus on one site tho cause I have so much stuff to do I think Imma be leaving the orchid soon :/
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PostSubject: Re: <{CRΩΠΩS}>   6/29/2016, 2:29 pm

Welcome to TO Chronos! Your bio is lovely. He seems very noble and composed -- sometimes it seems like our pack is a bunch of goofs, so his addition is much needed XD
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PostSubject: Re: <{CRΩΠΩS}>   

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