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While the fairly warm summer passes on in Germany, there is a much bigger storm brewing here at The Orchid. The water levels at all the ponds, lakes, rivers, and streams have slowly been beginning to rise. One big storm, and the whole place is in danger from flood waters taking over the area.

During this event, we will find out who has the will to become an Archon, one of the most important ranks in this pack to keep us together. The way the nominees for Archon will be chosen is by us founders/staff members is not that different! The nominees for Archon will be scouted out by their will to help the others during the roleplay event, and their mental and physical strength to withstand the flood. This might be a challenging task for some, but for others it is a piece of cake. So, to those people wishing to become Archon, us staff and founders wish you luck!

As for the flood, a new topic will be created solely for the main place where the flood will be happening, which will be labeled as dangerous for precaution, since the flood is going to be the most strong at that point. After the flood has seeped through the main area of the Flood Pit, it will slowly start taking over the other places in the roleplay. Whichever places are chosen is up to Mother Nature.

This even will start soon, so keep your eyes open for the Flood Pit topic to show up!

Good luck to you all!


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