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PostSubject: Kipeff "The Grump"   Kipeff "The Grump" Empty6/20/2016, 2:25 am

Kipeff "The Grump" Kip_na11Kipeff "The Grump" Kip_bi10

Name: Kipeff Dymound
Nick Name(s): Kip (preferred), Pip, KD, Grumpy/Grouch/etc.
Rank: Novitiate (presently a drifter)
Age: 1 year old
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual

Fur Color/Texture: The lad is a cream/brown/black marble in terms of coloring. His legs and face are pale and a pleasant shade of cream, while his ears and tail are a more rusty hue and a heavy black color covers the top of his nose, head and back. His pelt is thin and wiry, adding further to his already naturally frazzled appearance.
Build: Kip is nearly full grown, but is still a rather short and thin creature. He keeps insisting that he has another growth spurt just around the corner, but it is obvious that the male is simply dainty by nature. Kipeff is lean with average sized muscle, though is nothing extraordinary to look at.
Eyes: A dark, moody amber.
Distinguising Features: Petite structure and expressive eyes.
Scarring: A long, straight scar runs on the underside of his belly, going from roughly the bottom of his rib cage to just just before his groin. It is unnoticeable unless the fur is parted.

Overview:  Kip is a sensitive and grumpy old man in a young wolf's body. Lacking a majority of the playful tendencies that other adolescents possess (but none of the curiosity), the young lad prefers to keep his own company and tries to stay away from adult wolves especially. He is not shy or reserved in any sense of the words, but is rather defensive, stubborn, and unafraid to express his discomfort towards other individuals. Kip detests mischief and has trouble appreciating humor, often because he cannot understand why another wolf would want to do such things when it can cause hurt feelings or stress to those around you. In a way he is a kind boy, always sticking up for those he cares about and calling out other's for their rudeness, but the trait tends to be lost beneath his mood swings and sour facial expressions. Once you get to know Kip, however, he is sure to open you up to his vast and creative imagination, letting you in on the way he sees the world and gaining a loyal friend who would defend you with his life.
Positive Traits: Unbiased, just, intelligent, practical, caring, and reliable.
Negative Traits: Suspicious of everyone, sour, humorless, defensive, moody, blunt, and hard to get to know.
Goals: To find stability in his life and be comfortable in a group that is accepting of who he is.

Parents: Wilette (mother, deceased) and Henrie (father, alive) Dymound
Siblings: June (sister, alive), Baruie (brother, alive), and Lowar (brother, deceased) Dymound
Mate: N/A
Offspring: N/A
History: Kipeff was born to the two alphas of the Dymound Heights Pack. He was the eldest of his three siblings, and had been a cheery young lad in his first few months of life. Lowar and Kip were especially close, as Lowar seemed exceptionally wise for his age and the quality had entranced young Kipeff. When Lowar would speak of his dreams of freedom and starting a new life away from the birth pack, Kip would find himself agreeing that it did sound quite amazing... the deciding your own future and making yourself what you wanted to be was everything he could ever want, but alas. He was the next in line for the position of alpha, and thus had to remain put and train endlessly while watching his younger siblings take likings to things such as hunting small bugs or hanging around the healers. Over time he became bitter, and when Lowar and his mother became ill and passed away on his first winter, a foul attitude had taken permanent residence in his heart. Eventually his father began pushing in a panic for Kipeff to keep an eye out for potential mates so he could take over the pack in a few years time, but when Kip had expressed interest in a young male and his father had immediately turned down the "preposturous idea", Kip decided that it was the last straw. He had realized just how toxic the area was, what with the push to grow up too fast and the deaths of his loved ones lingering in the air. So the following morning he said his goodbyes, and has been following his and Lowar's dream of living off small prey ever since.

Voice: Quiet and smooth, but not very deep.
Scent: Warm earth and something sweet, like honey.
Habits: Mumbling to himself, rolling his eyes at his own thoughts.
Best Friend: N/A
Nemesis: N/A

(I apologize for any grammar/spelling/etc. errors. I filled a lot of this out at 2 a.m. and he's a new bean of mine, so I'm feeling like this may be a lil rough...)
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PostSubject: Re: Kipeff "The Grump"   Kipeff "The Grump" Empty6/29/2016, 2:27 pm

Grumpy old man... heheh. I have a feeling that Cam will take a liking to him.
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PostSubject: Re: Kipeff "The Grump"   Kipeff "The Grump" Empty6/30/2016, 12:10 pm

Welcome to The-Orchid! = D
Nice bio you have here!
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PostSubject: Re: Kipeff "The Grump"   Kipeff "The Grump" Empty

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Kipeff "The Grump"
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