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PostSubject: Nerferatiti The Betrayed    Nerferatiti The Betrayed  Empty6/6/2016, 7:45 pm

Nerferatiti The Betrayed  2hxorab

Nerferatiti is the name and playing hard to get is the game

Age : 3 years approx . Never ask a lady her age duh
Gender : female and living it
Personality : Nerfertiti is a proud wolf , she disliked seeming weak or disabled in any way . Even if she is she will not admit it and defy any accusation of her being so with her usual threats of dismemberment , oh wait its not Thursday is it ?
Honourable , Nerfertiti will never forget an unrepaid dept.  She feels the need to repay everyone who shows her kindness or helps her in any way . this is perhaps to her useless view of herself
Self depriving . Nerferatiti believes she is worth nothing . She is not the fastest or the strongest or even the smartest . therefore she feels useless she to once having everything now to have nothing .However pride will not let her admit this to others .  
Brave / stupid
nerferatiti basically lives in the line of stupid or brave . She won't waste time thinking about something she will just act which leads to rash decisions that some mistake for bravery .
Noble . Nerfertiti carries herself with a deadly elegance . Her movements each carefully chosen to ease the pain of her injury .
Cunning : She is very cunning and will use this when fighting so she has the best chance of survival and success it also comes in handy when prancing other wolves . Beware the female joker is here
Sarcastic : Be ware the sacasim queen . Nerferatiti does not make friends easily unless they can handle her sacastic humor . She doesn't mean to be cruel but she doesn't like getting close to people . However respond with a joke or sacasim and she may take a liking to you
Caring : Despite all that she is actually very caring but she hates people knowing that and so she tends to hide it . But if she trusts you she will be kind
Loyal : Nerferatiti has conflicted feelings on loyalty . since the betrayal of her brother she likes to think it doesn't exsist that it was just a fairytale . But her heart tells her to remain loyal to herself and to anyone who deserves it . This can lead to complications when getting a serious order from an alpha .
Independant : Due to her upbringing she prefers to do everything herself even if she knows she cant
Stubborn : Good luck changing this females mind you would have better luck talking to a rock

Nerfertiti base coat is midnight black as dark as the deep night sky  . From the top of her tail to her forehead she had a strip of dark lush brown that resembles the cokour of a dark oak tree.The strip ends at her forehead in a triangular shape . She has sharp ears that have cream tips on them and short muscular legs that have white sock markings in them . Her eyes are a mixture of brown and cream creating a slight golden aura to them . underneath her soft sharp eyes are 3 dots of golden cream .
Her fur is light but fluffy making it soft so it keeps cleaner easily . It also makes swiming easier for her . however in the winter she had to be careful due to how light it is .
Her tail is long and bushy and when she is hiding it sometimes gives her away due to a white tip .
Her body is slim perfect for hiding , however she is very muscular after training since she was a pup  

Nerfertiti grew up in large pack that held more males than females . Even as a pup nerferatit noticed how the males dominated the higher ranks . they were the fighters , the warriors , deltas . everything . the females where mostly healers and pup carers a few where hunters . She could never understand this . until one day she was out with her brothers and friends playing by the river , playing hunt and pray . however she wasn't allowed ever be a hunter When she asked her brothers laughed with there friends and told her she was too weak to be a hunter  . Nerfartiti was furious and tackled her brother into the water , she fought him harshly and he fought her . But by the end she dragged him out of the water by the ear. From that day on no one questioned her strength .

Nerferatit was the daughter of the alphas .The oldest pup . But she would not become alpha due to her being  female and weak . Determined to prove herself she trained harshly for years with her best friend Fenris.  He taught her and she taught him and together the pair proved there worth .

When she was nearly 2 and a half years her mother revealed she would be alpha . and Fenris her adviser or mate if she chose it .
Nerferatiti had never been happier . She had being proving herself since a little pup .

But the night before she would be deemed alpha she went to meet Fenris by the river they trained by . She was going to ask him to be her mate . She knew she had loved him for along time now but she always felt unworthy . But now she had proven herself and now she could finally gather the courage to ask . She carried a rise in her mussel and passed to the river only to find Fenris Slain the river stained by his blood .

Nerferatiti stood in stock the rose crashing to the ground . She ran to him dragging him from the river sobbing as her heart shattered .

That's when she caught the scent of her brother . turning sharply she saw his grey  muzzel stained with her lovers blood . He dares to give her a toothy grin as 4 other wolves revealed themselves .
She demaned to know why they had some this . But her brother would not even grant this .
The wolves attacked her .and she fought her hardest fueled by rage . She snapped one's neck with powerful jaws and was about to snap her brothers when she felt a sharp white got pain and heard the echoing crack of her back let snapping . Letting out an ear piecing howl she fell to the ground . unable to get up . lying beside her lover as she slowly began to bleed out .
Her brother looked into her eyes smirking " you are unworthy sister . " Raising her front left paw she lashed out her claws taking his eye . She snarled at him " you will never be worthy ... brother " She spat at him as he dragged her to the water furiously and threw her in with the body of her beloved . She clinged onto Fenris as she failed to fight the current . She remembered the feeling of a warm embrace and Fenris face before she blacked out lost in the river

When she awoke she was surprised to see an older wolf sitting by a river staring out blindly breathing heavily

She looked over at him and went to move.  the pain from her back leg shot through her and her body was wracked by a whimper .

the older wolf turned to look at her " ahh your awake   that's good . I didn't think you would make it . "

Nerferatiti was about to respond with sacasim when she noticed the wolf was blind ? . How did this fool save her ?

" eh ... yeah I'm alive and all good so it would be best to get going " she went to rise again only to grit her teeth and have a line test escape her eye
" damn it " she whinpere lying down

" rest my child . no need to hurry off "

and with that she did . only to see Fenris haunting her dreams .

Nerfwratiti stayed with this elder wolf as he taught her how to deal with her new injury . over time it healed but not compleatly . She still cannot run for long and it can cause her great pain . The older wolf though her how to take most weight off it , how to fight with it and eventually she was able to fight . never as good but she learned new ways . To repay the wolf she traveled with him . he was unable to travel due to his blindness unable to predict dangerous. So she guided him . Until he died . She remained loyal by his side . he was always encouraging , disapproved of her sarcasim but accepted it , accepted her as she was . She still feels there is more she could have done for him . But she knows he died happy and he wasn't alone . soon she will join Fenris and him and they will be happy .

For now She wanders wondering what her next adventure will be , what new things she will learn But also . Who will gain her loyalty ? .

However she will never return to her pack .That life ended for her when Fenris life ended

Nerferatiti is from Egypt as the name suggests. She has many stories and they are the one thing she loves to share

Nerferatiti the Dishonered

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PostSubject: Re: Nerferatiti The Betrayed    Nerferatiti The Betrayed  Empty6/6/2016, 8:21 pm

This poor bab. I love her <3 I can't wait to see more of her in the rp.
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Nerferatiti The Betrayed
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