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Inanna Atrasi
full name
Inanna Omarosa Atrasi

Ee-non-uh, Ohm-uh-rosa, At-raw-see

Inanna was the Mesopotamian and Sumerian goddess of sexuality, love, warfare, and earth.

Inan, Ina, Nann, Nanna

Young adult

date of birth
November 22nd



Ole @ Dawnthieves

Ilana Glazer


Nomad, trader, hunter


Pansexual, greyromantic, polyamorous



Chaotic neutral



key words
Independent, free-spirited, adventurous, ballsy, insubordinate

All one truly knows about Inanna is that she comes and goes as she pleases. She answers to no one, and she is truly free. Inanna is wild. She is bound by none, ruled by no law but her own, and she upholds her values of freedom and independence with an almost vicious tenacity. She is a true free spirit, tameable by no one but herself. Inanna is unbound by others and their sociologies alike; unruled by traditions, roles, and trends. She pushes the limits of social convention, sheds expectations, and frequently experiments in behavior and expression.

One of the quickest ways to piss her off is by telling her what to do, by trying to put her in a (metaphorical) box, or by trying to pin her down. All of these, by the way, have very loose definitions in her book. Upon that, she has a very small gauge for when this behavior is or isn't acceptable to shrug off. In many cases, she will callously and coldly call out or upon those who she feels try to do so, no matter how minor the demonstration may actually be. Because of this, she can very easily get into trouble with groups or ranks that heavily rely on strict protocol and obedience. The very last thing Inanna would ever do is "submit" to another, regardless of whether they're of authoirty or not.

As a result of her blatant disregard of traditions, roles, and norms, Inanna is often very candid and forthright with how she presents herself and expresses herself. This, of course, can result in both negative and positive consequences. For instance: callous, cold, and blunt remarks that otherwise could use some honeying or charisma. In other cases, this gives her the (possibly charming) ability to seemingly fearlessly drive face-first into weird, taboo, unusual, and strange discussions. Inanna's respectively strong confidence in her own ideals, values, and general sense of self helps perpetuate this. This bold honesty can make her seem utterly and terribly strange and goofy. While charming, humorous, or charismatic to some, she can also very easily ward off, insult, or embarrass others. It really depends on her company's tastes.

Inanna lives to find ways to push her passions; to experience life in ways she hasn't before. She takes joy in taking in the world and the people, the places, and the sights that she experiences during her explorations. She changes her environment and achieves her need of adventure through the many different decisions she makes. Inanna pushes the limits of everything around her, trying to take in as much life as she can.

● Story-telling (rather, story-listening)
● Confidence
● Independence
● Mindfulness
● New experiences
● Adventures and exploration
● Relaxation
● Defying social norms, expectations, ideals, and roles
● Naps
● Taking walks

● Stressful jobs, tasks, and situations
● Strict rules (or any rules, really)
● Routines and schedules
● Taking orders
● Gender roles
● Forced or unwanted obligations or responsibilities
● Being "tied down" or "boxed in"
● Possessiveness
● Social norms, expectations, ideals, and roles

● Tracking and navigation
● Patience
● Positive outlook
● Great listener (just don't try to tell her what to do!)
● Passionate (selectively)
● Open-minded
● Independent
● Rebellious

● Fiercely independent
● Nosy
● Cold and callous (at times)
● Horrible at lying
● Fluctuating self-esteem
● Bad at taking orders
● Horrible at being a subordinate

● Autonomy
● Adventure
● Independence
● Feminism
● Freedom
● Justice

Those who appreciate wild, free spirits who answer to no one will find it easier to get along with Inanna. She is possibly an acquired taste, although she absolutely loves to meet new people and form new friendships.

Inanna isn't necessarily aromantic, however, has basically no interest in romance at the moment. This isn't to say that she's incapable of love, that would be the farthest from the truth! Inanna feels love for friends and family, however, the expectations of a romantic relationship (many of which are unhealthy) are very unappealing to her. Upon that is the concept of polyamory. Inanna isn't anti-monogamy, she just feels like it probably hurts more feelings in the long run. Inanna just wouldn't want to be in a relationship where she has limits on where her love and happinesses can exist (and with whom). It's possible she'll find partners who are compatible with her and her values. However, at the moment, she's in absolutely no rush.

It isn't at all that difficult for Inanna to get a bad rep. She ruthlessly protects her independence, and because of this, can very easily get into trouble with groups or ranks that heavily rely on strict protocol and obedience.

Tala @ Dawnthieves (Wildpark Lüneburger Heide)
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Ilana Glazer
(Click to open in new tab)

For her sex, Inanna can be considered slightly above average when it comes to height. Next to those of the opposite sex, however, she's still pretty short.

While sturdy and lean due to her mobile lifestyle, Inanna still manages to eat good. She is well fed, her body insulated by a healthy layer of fat.

While Inanna might not be very physically impressive or outstanding, she makes up for it with her passion, tenacity, and application of skill. With tough, strong, experienced muscles formed through extensive travel, every line of her is a soft, elegant, sweeping stroke. Inanna is all but hills on a plain; graceful, purposeful. She is fit in a natural way: a lithe and sturdy form, the result of a body's adaptation to the life of a traveler.

Inanna's fur is soft and holds a bouncy wave that curls and sweeps across her frame in a whimsical manner. Even though her pelt is wooly and thick due to her species, Inanna is still quite sensitive to cold weather. This is mostly due to personal preference and a great portion of her life spent in hot summers and mild winters.

The canvas of her pelt consists of a wide variety of cream, taupe, ecru, and deep, rich umber. Golden honey reflects in the light of the sun, giving her fur a sort of glow. The color of her fur vividly darkens as it trails down her spine, drips across her cheeks, and puddles on the tip of her tail. Light cream hues paint her cheeks, settles between her shoulder blades, and trickles down her legs and underbelly. The colors, mixing in with the darker points and overall golden canvas, creates soft, dusty ecru shades.

Inanna holds a smoldering, sleepy gaze, made so by a menacingly low brow and a special condition otherwise known as resting bitch face. Even at a neutral mood, Inanna gives her studious, meticulous stare, soften just enough by the occasional smirk. Her irises seem to be resonant of raw carnelian crystals against a forest floor of autumn; gold glinting against a sea of gold and umber. From afar, Inanna's irises take on the appearance of a very gentle and warm amber, so subtle yet striking enough that they seem to glow.

Inanna has a very fresh, earthy smell, dabbed just so by the natural saccharine of the wilderness. It opens with a gourmand accord of the forest: a sweet, acrid, earthy redolence of rich, black soil and crushed leaves. These complex, multi-faceted notes together form a velvety freshness. The fragrance of crushed pine needles and rich green grass touches her fur, the sharp, sweeter trace captured and then last all in a breeze.



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thank u babby <3

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Wow this is so cool
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She's like the embodiment of America
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