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 m e l a n i e [updated 06.02.16]

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PostSubject: m e l a n i e [updated 06.02.16]   6/2/2016, 10:22 am

melanie agne
full name: melanie delania agne
nicknames/aliases: melanie, mel, melly
age: three years old
date of birth: 07.12
zodiac sign: cancer
place of birth: Teutoburg Forest, Germany
current residence Teutoburg Forest, Germany
hometown: Teutroburg
breed: gray wolf
species: canis lupis
gender female
pronouns: she/her - they/them
occupation itinerant
languages: german & english
playby: kati h. - freya - allwetterzoo münster
height: 2.4 ft
weight: 118 lbs
build: lean and slender, melanie's build is mostly muscle compared to body fat, making her strong and a bit faster when running. this does come in hady when squeezing into small areas that others can't reach.
coat color: a mixture of dark brown-reds, grays, whites, and blacks, melanie's coat is based off of that of a gray wolf's, the same markings and all. although her coat is like a timber wolves, the colors are darker and more saturated rathering than being pastel-like and light.
eye color: deep orange would describe her eye color, getting a lighter orange towards the pupil of her eye.
distinguishing features: her dark and color-saturated fur, along with her orange eyes.
best feature: her eyes
demeanor: calm and peaceful
sexual orientation: heteroflexible
parents: Nada - Mother (deceased)
Hardwin - Father (status unknown)
siblings: Aiyanna - Sister (unknown)
Depni - Sister (unknown)
Aden - Brother (deceased)
children: none
other family: none
relationship status: single
current partner: none
past partners Koda. (more infor on him in her history/freeform)
physical ailments: none
neurological ailments: none
scars: none
negative traits: emotional, enigmatic, mellow, placid, phlegmatic, delicate, erratic
positive traits: benevolent, caring, captivating (more-so the way she speaks and words things), compassionate, empathetic, gentle, peaceful
alignment: lawful good
myers-briggs: infp
element: water
likes various plants and floral aspects, rain, or the sound of rain, the presence of others, the presence of friends/family, sometimes being by herself to have some thinking time and relaxing time, the happiness of others.
dislikes: disloyalty, lying, being two-faced, etc., sometimes being alone (wow what a surprise), supremacy, thinking you're better than others, the cold, but she loves snow.
season: spring/summer
color: dusty rose
feeling: the feeling of limerence
melanie was born into a small pack outside of the forest where the roleplay is set now. it was a happy family-type of pack, everyone was always cheerful and there was rarely any breakouts or wars. it was stereotypical, honestly. everything was perfect. melanie's mom was just like this. kind hearted, cheery, and peaceful, all in her own way. she was also a very popular love interest in their pack, but only one person could woo her heart; melanie's father.
melanie's mother and father were madly in love - the kind of love you would see in a movie and it would make you gag. it was endearing, to be honest, and that's melanie loved about her parents so much. but that came to an abrupt end.
melanie's mother fell sick when melanie was a year old, the time when the wolf yearlings go on their own. melanie was affected greatly like this, and it broke her heart so much to see her mom in this state of sickness. she couldn't even bare to see her, and as time went on, nada continued to worsen.
death soon came to her mother. mourning was all that could be seen in the pack, especially her dad. it was hard for melanie, and the worst part is, is that the sickness was unknown.
for melanie's sibilings, they were the closest friends she's ever had up to this day, besides her past mate. they were all so tight knit until the day her mother passed. by the night, her siblings were gone - and she was the only one left with her dad. this, of course, also took a toll on her father. the rest of his beloved children had went away after their mother's death.
soon after, melanie's father had went missing. no one knew where he was, and no one had seen him the night he disappeared.

the next landmark was her first mate - koda. koda was someone she met whilst traveling here, and she instantly feel in love with him upon seeing him. koda was a unique character, physically. his coat was odd, but yet it's what attracted melanie, and his personality too. but things weren't what she expected them to be.
koda left melanie without any explantion in the middle of the night while melanie was sleeping. after this had happened, melanie was torn. it took her a long while to get used to the fact that koda literally went m.i.a during their relationship. and that is the end of her history, and more is being made in this moment.

melanie is an easy person to talk to if you enjoy her presence.
melanie is easy to befriend and she is very easy to talk to if you don't mind her.
too lazy to fill this in. can see more in my plots thread under personal rolplays.
too lazy to fill out. you can find more information in my plots thread.
too lazy to fill out. you can find more information in my plots thread.

nicknames: ravo, raven, memelord, queen memelord supreme, daddy.
age: 15
pronouns: they/them - she/hertimezone 05.18.01
contact: skype: chanyeolrella
other characters: here
about: I’m Rick Harrison and this is my pawn shop. I work here with my old man and my son, Big Hoss, and in 23 years I’ve learned one thing. You never know what is gonna come through that door.

lmao jk. my name isn't rick and i havent been working here for 23 years. im only 15. i wasnt working in the womb. do you know how messed up that would be? working in the womb is dangerous. u could kill someone like ur mom u lil turd.



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PostSubject: Re: m e l a n i e [updated 06.02.16]   6/2/2016, 11:37 am

here come dat boi
BUT YO, your bio is so nice and fun to look at. Melanie's history made me emotional :-(
Can't wait for Cam to bully her
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PostSubject: Re: m e l a n i e [updated 06.02.16]   6/2/2016, 11:46 am

awh ):

can't wait (:



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PostSubject: Re: m e l a n i e [updated 06.02.16]   

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m e l a n i e [updated 06.02.16]
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